Chief Customer Advocate

Our Chief Customer Advocate

Standing up for fairness so all customers can stay connected and thrive.
Photo of our Chief Customer Advocate - Teresa Corbin. Teresa has short curly blonde hair, is wearing a dark blue blazer, and is seated in front of a white background.

The Chief Customer Advocate is an independent advisor within Telstra serving three purposes:

  • Providing an independent 'voice of the customer'.
  • Championing the needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Holding Telstra to account in treating customers in a fair, reasonable and responsible way.

Teresa Corbin was appointed Telstra's Chief Customer Advocate in December 2021. She joined Telstra after a long career as a consumer advocate, including being the CEO of the Australian Communications Customer Action Network (ACCAN) for over a decade.

Teresa joined Telstra because she wanted to bring customer advocacy into a company that was committed to implementing responsible business practices. After decades on the other side of companies like Telstra as a consumer representative, she wanted to see if she could make a difference from the inside.

The Chief Customer Advocate is a key part of Telstra achieving its purpose to build a connected future so everyone can thrive. By elevating the voice of the customer, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances, Telstra will be able to build products, services, systems and processes more fairly to ensure everyone can stay connected and thrive.


This is the inaugural Chief Customer Advocate report on vulnerability. It's intended to highlight Telstra's annual progress in supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Chief Customer Advocate Report on Customer Vulnerability FY23 (PDF, 3.1MB)

Chief Customer Advocate Report on Customer Vulnerability 2023