Connecting your phone and internet to Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)

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Contact your device provider to check that it will work on your new nbn™ service. Register these devices with nbn by calling 1800 227 300 or visiting nbn device compatibility page.


These are the parts you need



Before you begin

Make sure you've disconnected all devices such as telephones, modems (including ADSL filters) and fax machines from your telephone wall sockets. After you've switched to the nbn, these sockets will no longer work.



Image of an important signDuring setup of your new nbn connection, you will temporarily lose access to your existing services, including your internet, telephone device(s) and medical, fire and security alarms. It’s important you have an alternative form of communication handy during set up, such as a charged mobile phone.


How to install your nbn connection box and Telstra Smart Modem for FTTC


Set up steps


Step 1: Plug the nbn Connection box into a phone socket

First, you’ll need to find the right telephone socket in your house. If you have multiple telephone wall sockets, try the first socket closest to the front of your house.

Plug the cable with grey ends into the back of the nbn Connection box. Plug the other end into the telephone wall socket.

If you have a telephone wall socket like the one pictured below, you’ll need to purchase an adaptor. These can be found at most hardware or electronics stores.



Step 2: Plug the nbn Connection box into a power outlet

Plug the black power adaptor into the back of the nbn Connection box. Plug the other end into a nearby power outlet and switch it on.

After the nbn Connection Box is installed any other phone sockets will no longer work unless rewired.



Image of an important signThe start-up sequence may take up to 15 minutes. Do not turn off the nbn™ Connection Box during this time. If you don’t have solid blue lights on the front panel after 15 minutes, try connecting to a different wall socket.

Step 3: Connect the nbn Connection box to your Telstra Smart Modem™

Helpful tip! For the best coverage, place the modem in an open, elevated area, allowing for optimal signal and Wi-Fi strength.

Locate the cord with the RED plug already connected to the Telstra Smart Modem with the YELLOW plug on the end. Insert the YELLOW end into the YELLOW port on the nbn Connection Box and ensure the box is switched on.


Step 4: Plug your Telstra Smart Modem™ into the power outlet

The power cord is already connected to the Telstra Smart Modem so plug the GREY power adaptor into the wall and ensure the power is on. The Telstra Smart Modem will now turn on. When the front light indicator has turned green, you’re good to go. This may take a few minutes.



Step 5: Connect your devices:

Via Ethernet cable

Use the LAN cable with two YELLOW ends, inserting one end into any YELLOW port on the Telstra Smart Modem. Insert the other end into your device’s network port.

Via Wi-Fi

Search for the Wi-Fi name and enter the password show on fridge magnet provided with your Smart Modem.


Image of an important signDid you know you can re-use your old Wi-Fi network details (network name and password) on your new modem? This mean all your device will just automatically connect and you won’t have to go around the house reconnecting everything.

To update your Wi-Fi details, connect to you home network and open an internet browser window on your device. Type in The username is admin and the password is Telstra. Once you are logged in, click on the tab marked ‘Wi-Fi’. Don’t forgot to click ‘Save’ once you have made your changes.


Step 6: Connect your home phone

Use the cable with GREY ends, inserting one end into your Smart Modem and the other end into your home phone. Check your Smart Modem, and when the PHONE light is on, you’ll be able to make and receive calls. Remember you must always have the modem switched on to make and receive calls.


Image of an important signTo connect your home phone in a different area of the house (e.g. your kitchen), existing phone sockets will need to be rewired to work on the NBN. You can organise this with a qualified electrician or you can use a wireless handset that connects back to a base hub plugged in to the modem. Visit our Home Phone page for options, including Telstra Voice Extender™.

Oh No! Something went wrong?

  1. Switch it off and back on and then wait a few minutes, you would be amazed how many times this can sort a problem out.

  2. Wi-Fi speed and other reception-related issues can be caused by the placement of your modem. Like your mobile phone, your Telstra Smart Modem needs good 4G reception to work in backup mode.

  3. Make sure your modem is elevated and not placed near items like fridges, fish tanks, microwaves, etc. that can interfere with your Wi-Fi. 

A great guide about internet speeds can be found at


Still having issues?

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  For Telstra Smart Modem™ FAQ or more information on connecting your cordless (DECT) handset, please visit our Smart Modem page.

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