Stay Connected Advanced

Breathe easy for $15 a month.

StayConnected Advanced is our fast repair, exchange and replacement service for eligible business phones, tablets and 2-in-1 laptops.

StayConnected Advanced is not available for new services from 14 March 2023. If you took up this add-on before then, it can still be redeemed as per the terms of your service.

How it works

With a $15/month StayConnected Advanced subscription, you can get your device repaired, swapped or replaced up to two times every 12 months for a service fee (see below), by submitting a request.

Broken screen?

We'll repair cracked or broken screens for just $59 on eligible handsets and tablets (2-in-1 laptops excluded).

Swap your device

If your device is damaged or you need to swap it for any reason, just return it to us and we'll get you a replacement (usually refurbished) for a fee of $190 or $270 (varies by device).

Replace your device

If your device has gone missing or you need to replace it, we can block your old device and get you up and running with a replacement (usually refurbished) in no time, for a fee of $190 or $270 (varies by device).

Get help faster

Whether you need to swap or replace your device, we'll get your replacement device to you promptly - usually by the next business day.

Need help overseas?

We can also ship your replacement device overseas. Just let us know where you need it sent (additional shipping fees apply - please contact us for a quote).

Already subscribed to StayConnected Advanced?

Frequently asked questions

No, StayConnected Advanced is not an insurance product, it’s a swap or replace program that you can purchase for your new mobile phone or tablet which allows you to replace, swap or repair your device. 

The main difference between StayConnected Advanced and a typical insurance product is that an insurance product needs an 'event' such as a fire or theft to happen and be proven before you can make a claim.

With StayConnected Advanced you can request a replacement or swap your device up to two times in any given 12-month period if it’s lost or stolen, faulty or damaged, as long as you can provide proof of purchase. 

We need your email address so we can send you important information about the product and to communicate with you while we're processing your service request. We always deal with your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement

You can lodge a service request at any time on StayConnected Advanced and you can swap or replace your damaged or lost device up to two times in any given 12-month period. No service fees or limitations apply to devices covered by the manufacturer's warranty or covered by Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. All other service requests have a fee,  you’ll find a full list of fees in the StayConnected Advanced Service Customer Terms (PDF, 193KB).

You should receive your replacement device within two business days depending on your location and what time you submitted the service request. It may take longer if we need more information to help us assess your service request.

Yes, because StayConnected Advanced is a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at any time without termination charges. You’ll just need to make sure your payments are up to date. If you cancel before the end of the month, the balance for that month will be credited to your account on a pro-rata basis.

To cancel StayConnected Advanced, call 13 22 00 or visit your nearest Telstra Store.

No. If your phone or tablet is damaged and hasn’t been lost or stolen, you'll have to return it to us within 14 days in the post-paid parcel sent with your replacement phone or tablet.

  • If your device is not lost or stolen and you don’t return it within 14 days, you’ll have to pay a non-return fee. This fee may be the full cost of the device. Any unreturned phones will be IMEI blocked on all carrier networks.
  • If your device is lost or stolen – you won’t need to pay a non-return fee. Any unreturned phones will be IMEI blocked on all carrier networks.
You can learn more about the non-return fee in the StayConnected Advanced Service Customer Terms (PDF, 193KB)

No, StayConnected Advanced offers a like-for-like replacement only. Please see the StayConnected Advanced Service Customer Terms (PDF, 193KB) for more information. 

No, StayConnected Advanced is only available on eligible post-paid mobile phones and tablets, check the Telstra StayConnected Advanced supported device list (PDF, 216KB).  It’s not available on Pre-Paid devices or other hardware like  Wi-Fi Boosters, USBs and dongles.

Service options Fee
Exchange or replace
Phones and tablets with an original purchase value equal to or less than $1,500 RRP
Exchange or replace
Phones and tablets with an original purchase value more than $1,500 RRP
Exchange or replace
2-in-1 laptops
Screen repair
For phones and tablets (2-in-1 laptops excluded)

Sign into My Telstra or Log a service request

1. Submit a service request

You can submit a service request via the StayConnected Service Request Portal, via My Telstra or by calling 13 2200.

A fee of up to $270 applies for swapping or replacing your device, or $59 for a screen repair on eligible devices. If your device is covered by warranty or consumer guarantee, these fees won’t apply.

Exchange, repair or replace your device up to twice in a year.

2. Wait for a delivery from us

Exchange or replace:

We'll dispatch the same or similar device (most likely a refurbished model) to you, usually by the next business day. We’ll email you the order details so you can track it online.

If a direct replacement of your current device isn’t available, we’ll offer you a similar model, or you can wait until we have a direct replacement in stock.

Screen repair:

We’ll provide you with a reply paid satchel so you can send the handset back to us via Australia Post.

3. Return your device

Send your device to us using the instructions found at StayConnected Help, or in the guide you receive with your delivery.

Please remove the battery from your device before posting it to us. If you can’t remove it or it’s not easily accessible, follow the Australia Post guidelines below: ‘Wrap your handset with battery still connected, or battery without a handset, in bubble wrap or similar. Each handset or battery must be completely sealed in its own wrapping to cushion it from impact and to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with any other items in the envelope.

Exchange or replace:

If the original device is still in your possession, you must return it to us within 14 days of receiving the exchange device. If you don’t return your original device within this time, you’ll be charged a device non return fee.

Screen repair:

The sooner we get your device, the sooner we can repair it.

For full details on how to use StayConnected Advanced go to StayConnected help.

StayConnected Advanced Personal T&Cs

StayConnected Advanced for Business T&Cs

More about StayConnected Advanced 

StayConnected is not an insurance product, it’s a swap or replace program only.

The new screen repair fee of $59 (was $99) also applies to all previous versions of the StayConnected service.

Next business day delivery is available if the service request is lodged by 3pm AEST and the replacement device is in stock and ready to ship. To exchange your device, you must return it within 14 days of receiving a replacement device or a non-return fee will apply. 

For screen repairs, the device mustn’t have any other damage and must function normally, contain genuine parts and have all locks removed. Screen repair devices are excluded from next day delivery. Loan device available during repair period.

You are eligible for two device exchanges, replacements or repairs per 12 months from the date of registration. 

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