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Migrate with confidence

Cloud migrations are now simple, fast, secure and cost-efficient.

Easy migration – without the headache

Maybe you want to move to a new cloud platform, or want to trial Telstra clouds while using your existing assets. Problem is, migrations can be a complex exercise.

RiverMeadow is a world-leading software-based tool that removes the barriers to cloud onboarding for simple migrations. With it, you can migrate with less risk, time and expense.

With RiverMeadow, you get:

  • Control - move from multiple sources to any supported cloud destination. 
  • Ease of use - when you want to move to the latest cloud platform, but don't have the in-house expertise needed.
  • Simplicity - when you don’t want to change your architecture or re-platform your environment. 

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Pricing (plus GST)

$295 per entitlement.

Pay as you go, no software contract terms.

Why us

One place for all your cloud needs

Access best-of-breed migration tools in one place – the convenience of one port of call for all your cloud services, all on a single bill.

Using the RiverMeadow tool

Automate processes with an intuitive online interface to make migrations simple, reduce time for setup, configuring and executing migrations, and migrate multiple workloads at the same time.

A pay-as-you-migrate model with no set-up fees means it's less costly than traditional methods. In fact, RiverMeadow estimates that many organisations have onboarded 10 times faster for one-third of the cost. 

Integration with our multi-cloud portals means you can access all your cloud services in the one place. Plus you'll have the convenience of a single touch point for all your cloud services.

Access to best-of-breed clouds move to our multi-cloud platforms or trial our cloud services for the first time. You can align our world-leading public and private clouds with your cloud strategy to improve business agility, productivity and reduce costs.



Control and ease of use. Reduce the complexity of moving workloads to new cloud platforms with an automated tool. Use APIs to integrate RiverMeadow with other toolsets and have the ability to write post-migration extensions and automate them. Synchronise source and target servers to test and change configurations, and update only the changes.


Fast, secure migrations. Your data stays secure and protected when migrating over the Telstra’s NextIP network, assisting compliance.


Minimal risk and disruption. Mirror current server environments and move them without interrupting workload activities. Reduce the risks of rollbacks, software installs or reboots, and minimise impact on your IT teams.


Lower cost of transition. With no set-up fees, no upfront hardware or software costs, and less manual tasks required, you can significantly reduce migration expense.


Need help with your migration?

Our migration services can make your next move to the cloud an easy one.

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Migration starts in the RiverMeadow console with you providing credentials to your source server. 

1. Collect

RiverMeadow collects server characteristics and metadata of your source data. There are no agents to install and no need to shut down the server until the migration is complete.

2. Convert

Once you enter your target cloud credentials, RiverMeadow creates a new virtual server in the target platform, without a server rebuild, template or wrap. The target server collects the source data and converts it to a fully compatible server in the target cloud, with all source environment specifics, including low-level drivers and local IP addresses replaced by equivalents in the new environment. 

3. Deploy

The migration of your source server is deployed ‘as-is’ to your target cloud. Because RiverMeadow is administered in the cloud you don’t need to uninstall any management tools, agents or staging servers at the source or destination.

Migrating with RiverMeadow

Before you begin


Check the compatibility matrix to see if you can migrate your data to your new cloud services.

  • RiverMeadow is compatible with VMware vCloud Air
  • RiverMeadow compatibility testing with SoftLayer and Telstra Cloud Infrastructure is currently in development.

Have cloud services to migrate to. Find out more about VMware VCloud Air on offer through our Cloud Services Store.



What you’ll be buying through Telstra’s Cloud Services Store are ‘entitlements’. These entitle you to migrate a virtual server (workload) using the RiverMeadow portal. One entitlement is used for each migration and is only ‘spent’ if a migration is successful.

How to order

Step 1 – Login

If you have an online account, log in to the Cloud Services Store. If not, and you’re an existing Telstra business and enterprise customer, you can register for Telstra online access.

If you’re new to Telstra, you’ll need to create a username and password, and register a Telstra account for your company.

Step 2 – Work out how many entitlements you need

Have one virtual server to migrate? Then order one RiverMeadow entitlement. Need to migrate five virtual servers? Then order five.

You can only order 10 entitlements at any one time unless you have an active Telstra billing account.

If you find you haven’t ordered enough for all the virtual servers you want to migrate, you can always order more entitlements via the Cloud Services Store.

Step 3 - Complete and submit the order form

It takes us up to two business days to allocate your RiverMeadow entitlements. Call us on 1800 620 345 or email cloudservices.sales@team.telstra.com if you haven’t received the confirmation email from RiverMeadow within two days. Telstra’s account set-up support is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST).

Step 4 – Use your RiverMeadow migration service

RiverMeadow will send you an email to confirm your entitlements are ready. 

You’ll then have access to the RiverMeadow migration service. Support, and detailed instructions about how to set up and configure the tools and yourenvironments, are provided in the RiverMeadow portal.

Need help?


Check out RiverMeadow support articles, videos and FAQs.

Find out more

You need to buy RiverMeadow entitlements before accessing the RiverMeadow migration service.

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