Our utilities vision

Our aspiration is to empower utilities to exponentially enhance and streamline operations through smart connectivity of assets and deep analytics.

The IoT (Internet of Things) has transformed the way companies do business. By providing this technology, we are equipping Utilities with the power to control, monitor and manage their assets better. Through detection and alarming systems, automation, analytics, plus more visibility and control, we can help steer Utilities towards enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

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Water utilities

Water utilities

We offer a complete managed service purpose built to enhance the efficiency, business intelligence and revenues of Australian Water Utility organisations.

The solution is underpinned by Telstra's network strength, cloud assets and relationships with leading industry vendors.

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Ageing assets

Deteriorating pipes and infrastructure with limited asset monitoring and insights. Reactive approach to bursts.

Non-revenue water

Currently experiencing significant water loss through leaks, bursts and theft.


Growing need to deliver more efficient services for less cost.

Customer behaviour changes

Changing usage behaviours, interaction preferences and service level expectations.

Climate change and population growth

Increasing pressures on the efficient management of a precious resource.

Occupational health and safety

Intensifying health and safety requirements for staff in the industry.

Our solution: Intelligent Water Management (IWM)

IWM delivers network transparency through the deployment of intelligent sensors in a Water Utility Network. You can monitor your assets and water quality in near real-time, receive alerts if leads or blocks occur, all while gaining the business intelligence to make better strategic decisions.

It combines the strengths of our communication and cloud platforms with leading vendor technology and industry expertise. IWM is delivered as an end-to-end managed service tailored to your needs, with the simplicity of one fully packaged solution.

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Water utilities

We’ve created a suite of advisory and design services specifically tailored for Utilities. They draw on our partnerships with global technology vendors and broad industry experience.

Crucially, they incorporate cross-domain expertise spanning IoT, analytics, networks, mobility, cloud and more.

You can be assured of a holistic approach to optimise and transform your business, helping you achieve greater operational efficiencies and cost savings. 

Wireless network assessment

Optimise communication networks to support asset connectivity for monitoring and control.

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Analytics assessment

Analytical recommendations to improve decision-making and reduce risk.

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Automation assessment

Identify opportunities to increase productivity and reduce cost.

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Industrial control system security

Assess current and future security vulnerabilities as connectivity increases.

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Project roadmap

Identify synergies with existing programs of work to expedite intelligent network projects.

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Business case development

Identify and quantify returns on intelligent network investments.

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Asset assessment

Ensure asset and business data is captured appropriately and is easily accessible.

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Develop detailed designs for intelligent network enhancements.

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G&S Engineering Services

For G&S, our Next G network helped deliver their services to customers, as well as $600,000 per annum in increased productivity.

South East Water

Through our Next G network and M2M technology, real-time communication is enabling better and faster decision-making for South East Water.

The Plumbing Doctor

Using smart devices and the Telstra Network, Joe Evers has significantly increased the productivity of the whole team at his plumbing and electrical business.


BOC is Australia's largest supplier of industrial gas. They implemented a new point-of-sale mobile app solution (MyAgent Mobile) which was delivered by Telstra. The implementation has dramatically improved retail sales productivity, and cut transaction times from 10 to 2 minutes, saving 32,000 hours in labour time per annum.


Partnering with us means:

Faster decisions

With video links to partners, managers, engineers, mechanics, sales teams and more, it’s easier to collaborate effectively while reducing travel overheads.

Better planning

Spot waste, inefficiencies and opportunities to innovate via our powerful cloud-based Enterprise Resource Management solutions.

Improved mobility

Use mobile productivity solutions including email and apps that let staff perform administrative functions without returning to their desks.

Smarter network monitoring

Our IoT solutions help you monitor your network, resources and other business assets remotely. Gain business intelligence through analytics and alerting to enable predictive maintenance.

Make use of better business insights

Together with our partners, we can help you analyse the data stored in our cloud, including unstructured or ‘big’ data.

Improve field workforce management

We can enable mobile workforce management solutions to help streamline maintenance schedules.

Safer people and facilities

Navman Wireless helps ensure driver safety by keeping track of their location in near real-time. Meanwhile, IP surveillance lets you monitor facilities centrally.

Deepen customer relationships

Your customers can track usage on smart devices via web portals. Contact centre agents with full visibility of usage profiles can provide more personalised service.

Manage demand

With Telstra Integrated Messaging, your customers can have automated SMS updates on resource consumption and prompts about off-peak periods – helping you manage demand.

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