Detect, track & manage remote incidents

Capture information in real time when your teams are in the field.

Help keep your people safe with our video solutions

With Telstra Spatial Video Solutions powered by EYEfi Pty Ltd, you can capture real time video, telemetry and environmental data in the field with fixed, mobile and portable cameras.

Using the map-based spatial video system and a web browser, you can easily detect, locate and track incidents in real time from the office, command centre or remotely.

All data is stored on our secure cloud platform so there is less capital outlay. Plus multiple agencies can collaborate and share information without the need for separate installations.

Data can be transmitted wirelessly over the Telstra mobile network, or using fixed lines via Telstra’s Next IP® network, so you can monitor events from more places.

This automated incident management enhances incident response, the safety of field personnel, as well as job dispatch, resource management, reporting and collaboration.

You can easily customise the solution to meet your specific needs including remote monitoring sites, public safety management and, pedestrian and crowd management.

Associated equipment options include:

  • EYEfi® Green - self contained solar powered camera and pole site equipment, providing real- time video, weather and other information
  • EYEfi® Mobile - mobile wireless vehicle solution that can be mounted on almost any type of vehicle to enable real time video, GPS tracking, incident management, as well as augmenting other in-vehicle applications such as tablet PCs
  • EYEfi® Trailer – a customised, self contained and solar powered trailer, providing real time video, GPS tracking and other data
  • EYEfi® Custom – a customised EYEfi service that can be mounted on existing infrastructure such as poles, buildings and towers

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Help your organisation to get


Real time situational awareness
Proactively monitor diverse locations in real time and get more accurate and timely information when incidents occur.


Improved command control
Command centre personnel get more accurate information, enhancing incident management and improving safety.


A simplified solution
There’s no need for multiple installations and agencies can easily access and share information from any unit in the field.


You pay for cameras in the field, along with subscription access. When you’re on the shared platform you can then access other customer’s cameras and data (if they give permission) and avoid unnecessary costs.


Peace of mind
We provide full support to defined service levels, including 24/7 application and infrastructure management, as well as end-user and on-site assistance.


Potential business impact

  • Track events with greater speed and accuracy
  • Better cross-agency collaboration
  • Lower safety risks
  • Less capital expenditure

Ideal for

  • Effective Bushfire Management
  • Automated Incident Management
  • Customised public safety solutions
  • Asset Protection
  • Crowd management