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Solutions for legal practitioners to
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Vigorous competition is putting pressure on traditional legal business models.

With our help, your firm can stay at the forefront of technology.

We can talk to you about evolving a collaborative environment or optimising access to your firm’s vast files and systems.

That means your busy lawyers can respond efficiently and effectively to their clients’ needs.

It’s just one way technology can help you to build better relationships.

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Partnering with us means

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Influential client relationships

Our video conferencing solutions help lawyers and paralegals to connect with clients and each other. Spend less time travelling and more time building relationships.

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A flexible working environment

Telstra IP Telephony helps you to connect with clients with crystal clear HD voice and video calling, virtual meeting rooms and a single number that rings on any device.

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Improved productivity and responsiveness

Maximise effectiveness and billable hours with Telstra Mobility Solutions & Applications. Advise clients more accurately and do more on the go.

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Improved cost efficiency

Get storage and computing power to support the latest billing, accounting and analytics applications without investing in more servers.

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Everyone in sync

Microsoft® Office 365 lets legal practitioners, contractors, outsourcing partners and bookkeepers collaborate securely via the Cloud with the latest Office features.

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Simplified document preparation

Microsoft SharePoint® Online is a cost-effective way to provide document management and collaboration in the cloud, helping streamline workflow and version control.

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Connecting your people to email, files and applications

The fast, reliable Telstra Next IP® network can give legal practitioners rapid and secure access to sensitive client and company data.

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Store valuable intellectual property, sensitive client data, case notes and evidence in our Australian data centres.


Update your telecommunications to enhance your operations and client service

Reliable communications systems are paramount to an effective legal practice.

Teleconferencing systems are often seen as a second-best option instead of face-to-face interactions. Our services allow you to harness the potential of the technology to bring your workforce closer to each other and their clients through enhanced video and unified communications solutions.

Through richer interactions, you can develop a collaborative environment that brings together your clients and colleagues. Similarly, with a robust network solution, you can gain better visibility and control of your document management, enabling you to be more responsive to your clients' needs.

We provide scalable solutions so you can boost your capacity to expand your practice or take on new work.

The telecommunications needs of legal practitioners are unique, which is why we place value to working with you to set up a solution to suit your needs.

Streamlined IT systems also lead to savings in terms of capital expenditure, maintenance and travel costs.

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cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.

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Microsoft Office 365

Get your team on the go access to shared work including from email and schedules to the latest versions of Client files and more.


Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

Get time and cost savings across multiple sites with features like video calling, virtual meetings and computer desktop sharing.


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Galilee Solicitors

By unifying Galilee Solicitors' communications system using Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT), we improved the efficiency and responsiveness of their operations.