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Regulation and technology don’t stand still, and you can’t afford to either.

With our help, you can keep your accounting firm at the forefront of changes using smart collaboration and easy access to data and systems.

So your team can respond efficiently to clients and build stronger relationships, plus use our smart solutions to trim costs and stay competitive.

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Partnering with us means

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Building client relationships

Our video conferencing solutions help staff stay in touch with clients and colleagues. With face-to-face meetings on many devices, you won’t lose valuable time in transit.

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Creating a flexible environment

Telstra IP Telephony streamlines communications with high-definition voice and video calling, virtual meeting rooms and a single number that rings on any device.

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Improved productivity

Maximise effectiveness and billable hours with our Mobility Solutions & Applications. Staff can complete and submit reports on the spot, model information visually to clients and data on the go.

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The latest applications

Cloud Infrastructure is the smart way to boost storage and computing power. Our pay-as-you-go model provides 24x7 monitoring and support to keep everything running smoothly.

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Reduced costs

Microsoft® Office 365 lets you trim server and software costs while giving your team cloud-based access to the latest Office applications on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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Connecting your people

Our fast, reliable Next IP® network means easy and secure access to sensitive client and company data, email and applications while keeping communications private.

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Secure data

Protect financial information and IP by storing it in our Australian-based data centres, which are certified to international data security and compliance standards.


We’re helping accounting services build influential client relationships, improve productivity and reduce cost.

Technology is transforming accounting work.

Data no longer needs to be manually entered multiple times, eliminating the risk of human error and rework.

Increasingly, cloud-based accounting software and packages are used for remote access to financial data and faster administration.

Accounting firms are increasing their investment in new technology, so they can provide data analytics, and offer technology consulting (such as cloud-based bookkeeping software) and property investment advice as part of their service offer.

We’re right there with them, helping firms to differentiate themselves, improve productivity and reduce cost through our smart solutions – all backed by our world-class networks and knowledgeable and committed team.

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cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.


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Microsoft Office 365

Get your team on the go access to shared work including from email and schedules to the latest versions of Client files and more.

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

Get time and cost savings across multiple sites with features like video calling, virtual meetings and computer desktop sharing.


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SDE Accountants - Cloud & Mobility

Our cloud solution has saved SIDE around $50,000 in capital expense savings. Find out how by watching the video.


Terra Firma

How one firm uses connectivity and fast broadband to provide a better service to clients and gain a competitive edge.


North West Finance

North West Finance began in 1990 as an advisory firm in Tamworth, specialising in mortgage broking and lending advice for rural and agri-business clients.

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