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    With better access to information, and a raft of available providers, today’s insurance customer has more choice than ever – putting insurers under real competitive pressure.

    Fortunately, Telstra’s networks and solutions come together to form an agile ICT infrastructure that nurtures innovation while minimising risk – and delivers a compelling multi-channel customer experience that’s more prompt, proactive and personalised.

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    Partnering with us means

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    Smart new services

    Offer general insurance applications, remote claims assessment and more with Telstra Content Management Services.

    Mobile claims graphic

    Mobile claims

    Let customers and mobile assessors use mobile devices to lodge and assess claims on the spot.

    Consistent service graphic

    Consistent service

    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interactions and never miss an opportunity to upsell right-sized coverage.

    Flexible infrastructure

    Flexible infrastructure

    Get rapid access to servers, storage and applications during claims spikes or other busy periods.

    Collaborate more graphic

    Collaborate more swiftly

    Make agents, advisers, assessors and actuaries more productive with smart collaboration via real-time voice, video and data and other communications channels.

    Mitigation risk graphic

    Mitigate risk

    Alert policyholders by SMS when it’s time to renew – or warn them about dangers to property – via automated calling and SMS.

    Life style apps graphic

    Deliver lifestyle apps

    Give customers access to mobile apps to buy or adjust insurance cover on the go. We can even integrate apps into your networks and ours for a richer customer experience.

    right sized cover graphic

    Determine right-sized cover

    Use machine-to-machine technologies to compile real-time and historical driver behaviour to gauge risk accurately and create usage-based insurance offerings.

    customer insights graphic

    Access powerful customer insights

    Employ on-demand computing power, servers and storage via Telstra’s world-class infrastructure to help actuaries analyse large data sets that reveal powerful insights.

    Connecting your organisation to help you deliver more personalised products and superior customer service

    Nimble new competitors with self-service, mobile and usage-based pricing models are changing the way Australians buy insurance, making them more selective than ever. This, combined with an upswing in catastrophic events, increased regulation, skills shortages and under-performing global markets has put insurers under pressure.

    Telstra is already working to help them respond to change and gain a competitive advantage in many ways. We’re helping introduce game-changing mobile services that reach a new generation of customers. We’re reducing capital investment and minimising security risk through cloud and managed services. And we’re cutting transactional costs by streamlining processes and automating machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. We bring a strong suite of capabilities to every engagement. These include: a skilled, experienced workforce, a track record for innovative insurance solutions, and secure, far-reaching networks capable of delivering personalised insurance services across distance and devices.

    To ensure the greatest value to the insurance industry, we’ve created a vision blueprint for connected insurance. This rationalised ICT infrastructure connects staff, partners and customers to intelligent workflows, efficient communication and collaboration, secure cloud services and the latest mobile applications. The result is a holistic environment that gives you the capabilities, reach, transparency and responsiveness you need to compete in today’s tough climate.

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    cloud infrastructure graphic

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.

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    Blue Jeans

    Take advantage of BYOD and a mobile workforce - all you need are video enabled devices, cameras and internet access to conference.

    Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

    Get time and cost savings across multiple sites with features like video calling, virtual meetings and computer desktop sharing.

    Millennials, mobiles and money image

    Millennials, mobiles and money

    Learn how Generation Y’s digital driven lifestyle is disrupting and transforming the financial services industry.

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    Our Campaign

    Discover how the latest technology trends are changing the way financial institutions engage with their customers – and entice new ones.

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