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    We provide mobility and data solutions to help education providers implement change and manage their growing demand.

    The personalisation of education

    New collaboration, mobility and data solutions are revolutionising the way educational institutions deliver tuition, train and support staff, manage budgets and prepare for the future.

    From e-learning platforms to video conferencing, students, teachers, staff, parents and school communities have every reason to be excited about developments in personalised learning, professional development and equitable through ICT.

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    Partnering with us means

    Embrace e-learning platforms

    Help students learn more effectively by accessing online resources, uploading photos and video, using wikis, blogging or chatting with other students and teachers.


    Simplify student communication

    Enable students to collaborate with teachers and each other through SMS, MMS, email and video – whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, netbook or mobile device.

    Make access easier, equitable and mobile

    Make access easier, equitable and mobile

    Employ web conferencing to deliver key classes to a wider online audience. Mobile apps can liberate learning from classrooms by being accessible, interactive and fun.

    Deploy a ‘bring your own device’ environment

    Deploy a ‘bring your own device’ environment

    We can update student and staff devices centrally, provide secure access to network applications and resources and wipe them remotely if they go missing.

    Gain a holistic view of operations

    Gain a holistic view of operations

    With a whole-of-institution view of your data, you can track student performance, understand the impact of new teaching ideas, and identify administrative inefficiencies.

    Encourage local involvement

    Encourage local involvement

    You can host secure web portals accessible by the community – so they can comment in forums, participate in polls, and contribute to decisions that affect them.

    Personalise feedback to students

    Personalise feedback to students

    Using tools like online white boarding, instant messaging and web collaboration applications, teachers can more easily address the needs of individual students.

    Improve training options

    Improve training options

    Video conferencing lets you deliver professional teacher development, helping them learn when and where they like, with a high-quality, interactive experience.

    We are passionate about finding solutions to today’s education challenges

    We believe our solutions can help to overcome the tyranny of distance, manage teacher shortages and improve student engagement.

    And we understand that building evaluation into everyday practices means parents can act as powerful advocates for schools.

    So we’ve consulted widely with educators and education leaders to create a Telstra vision blueprint for connected learning that is equitable, engaging, inclusive and accountable.

    The result is Education: The Telstra Blueprint that outlines how technology - including the cloud, mobility and M2M - can help to create a quality education for every child.

    We are passionate about finding solutions to today’s education challenges

    Tele Education

    Tele Education

    Tele  Education provides a range of content-rich subjects by enhancing learning experiences and promoting engagement.

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    Deepsea Challenge

    We helped James Cameron maintain communications during his deep sea exploration of the Mariana Trench.


    Deakin University - Unified Communication

    Our video conferencing solution enriched the working and education experience for Deakin University staff and students.


    University of Western Sydney

    This case study focuses on how technology is integrating into education at the University of Western Sydney


    Supporting technology enabled schooling

    The Tasmanian Department of Education has built a virtual learning environment that connects their 200 schools, providing learning resources across 55,000 classroom devices and 20,000 student owned devices.

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