Find out how to recharge a Pre-Paid service

We’ve made it easy to recharge your Pre-Paid service. Discover the different ways you can top up today.

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    Recharge in the My Telstra app

    Recharge, change your payment methods, set-up auto recharge and more.

    Payment methods

    • Visa, Mastercard - credit or debit card
    • Paypal
    • Vouchers

    Payment features

    • Set up auto recharge
    • Check your balance
    • Change your plan

    Other benefits

    • Two-step verification helps protect your account
    • Recharging in the app doesn't use data

    Are you new to My Telstra?

    Even if you've never used the My Telstra app, we've made it easy to install and use.

    Other ways to recharge

    If you can’t use the app to recharge right now, don’t worry. Here are our other ways to top up.

    My Telstra

    Sign in to recharge with My Telstra in a browser. Follow these simple steps to recharge.

    Payment methods

    • Visa, Mastercard - credit or debit card
    • Paypal
    • Vouchers

    Recharge online

    If you don’t have your Telstra ID handy to sign in, recharge online with your mobile number.

    Payment methods

    • Visa, Mastercard - credit or debit card
    • Paypal
    • Vouchers

    Call to recharge

    If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call to recharge your Pre-Paid mobile service.

    Payment methods

    • Visa, Mastercard - credit or debit card

    Keep your recharge rolling

    Set up an auto recharge so you don't have to worry about recharging before your calls, texts and data expire.

    1. Go to My Telstra

    2. Select your pre-paid service

    3. Choose your recharge

    4. Pick a payment method

    Frequently asked questions

    When your recharge expires, if you don’t recharge your service you move into a ‘recharge only period’ until you recharge.

    During your ‘recharge only period’, you’ll still be able to receive calls, but won’t be able to access data, and you can only make calls to:

    • Call 125 8887 to recharge. It’s a free call from your Telstra Pre-Paid service
    • Emergency numbers like 000 and 112. Find out more on the Triple Zero (000) website
    • Free call phone numbers, like Telstra Customer Service.

    You’ll have 6 months to recharge. If you don't recharge within that time, your service will be deactivated, and you’ll lose your mobile number. 

    Your recharge should show in your account balance in a few minutes. Sign in to My Telstra to check the balance.

    You may experience one of the following issues when trying to redeem your voucher.

    My 12-digit voucher PIN is showing as ‘invalid’

    If you’re seeing this error, please check that:

    • You’ve entered the 12-digit PIN exactly as it’s printed on the voucher
    • Your recharge voucher has not expired
    • The voucher has not already been redeemed.

     If you’ve confirmed all this and the voucher still isn’t working, you’ll need to take your recharge voucher and receipt back to the place of purchase for a refund.

    My recharge voucher is for the wrong amount

    If the amount on your recharge voucher is wrong, you’ll need to take the voucher and receipt back to the place of purchase for a refund.

    My voucher is barred

    This may occur if you have tried to enter your voucher PIN multiple times without success.

    To resolve this, please contact us.

    On your smartphone or tablet:

    1. Open the My Telstra app
    2. Go to Services
    3. Select your Pre-Paid service
    4. View your balance on the summary screen.

    On your desktop:

    1. Sign in to My Telstra using your Telstra ID
    2. Go to Services
    3. Select your Pre-Paid service
    4. View your balance on the summary screen.

    When you recharge before expiry, you’ll still have access to your previous recharge inclusions, up to the original expiry date. Depending on which Pre-Paid plan you’re on, your unused data may roll over to use with your new recharge.

    Your new recharge period starts from the date you recharge your service.

    For example, if you recharge your service 5 days before expiry of your old recharge, you’ll have access to the inclusions of both your old and new recharge for 5 days. Then, you’ll have access to the inclusions of your new recharge, plus any unused data that has been rolled over, until the expiry of the new recharge period.

    Note: Inclusions for your old recharge will be used first.

    Tip: The best way to maximize the benefit of your recharge days is to set up auto recharge.

    There could be a number of reasons why your recharge has run out so quickly:

    • Your Pre-Paid offer may not include enough data
    • There was a software update which was downloaded using your Pre-Paid service
    • You’ve updated apps or sent/received large files.

    Sign in to My Telstra to view and manage your data usage. You can also check whether your Pre-Paid offer has enough data for you and consider increasing to a higher recharge with more data.

    Even if you don’t know the service number of your mobile broadband service, you can sign in to My Telstra to recharge. Go to Services and you’ll find a list of your Pre-Paid services. Select the mobile broadband service to recharge and follow the prompts.

    If your service hasn’t been recharged for six months or more, you'll need to buy a new SIM.

    You may have Caller ID turned off on your phone. To switch Caller ID on, you'll need to hang up, enable caller ID to on in settings, and call back again.  
    You can enable Caller ID for this call only by dialling *31# then the Recharge-by-Phone number 125 100. You can find more info on how to manage your caller ID on Manage caller ID on my mobile service.

    You'll find what Pre-Paid International Roaming Packs are available on International Roaming on Telstra Pre-Paid plans.

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