Your caller ID preference determines whether your phone number is visible to people you call. You can choose to hide your number from being displayed on outgoing calls, either on a call-by-call basis or permanently. 

Temporary caller ID blocking

  • To block on a call-by-call basis: Dial #31# then the number you’re calling
  • To unblock on a call-by-call basis (if your number is permanently blocked): Dial *31# then the number you’re calling 

Permanent caller ID blocking

Most mobiles have a Show My Caller ID setting which you can turn off. The location of this setting varies depending on your device, but is usually located in Settings > Phone. For more information, please check your device manual.

 To check if your mobile number is being displayed to callers:

  1. Call *#31# then press the Send/Call button
  2. A message will display on your screen

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