Can I change my Pre-Paid service to post-paid and vice versa?

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    Yes, you can change your mobile from Pre-Paid to post-paid or post-paid to Pre-Paid. When changing to Pre-Paid you can keep your number, but you'll need a new SIM card. To make the switch:


    You can't transfer ownership of a mobile at the same time as when you're switching from Pre-Paid to post-paid or vice versa. If you want to transfer ownership, you'll need to request a change of ownership and fill out a transfer form.

    How to switch my service

    First, you’ll need to select a post-paid plan and, if required, a new device. In most cases we can add your mobile to an existing account.


    You’ll lose any remaining credit or bonuses on your Pre-Paid service once it changes. You may lose voicemail messages you’ve saved when you switch. Make sure you save important voicemail messages to a separate device first.

    First, you'll need to select a Pre-Paid plan, order a new SIM and activate your SIM once it arrives. Then you can choose a recharge amount and recharge your Pre-Paid online using your credit card, debit card, PayPal or a recharge voucher.

    Note: Any discounts or benefits linked to your post-paid contract will end once your service changes.

    If you're still on a post-paid contract, you can still switch to Pre-Paid but you'll need to pay any early termination charges and any remaining device or accessory payments associated with your plan.

    Sign in to My Telstra to check if you're still on a contract and get an estimate of any Early Termination Charges or remaining device payments.

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