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What if my 12-digit recharge voucher code isn’t working?

If your recharge voucher code is coming up as invalid, please confirm that:

  • You’ve entered the 12-digit code exactly as it’s printed on the voucher
  • Your recharge voucher has not expired
  • The voucher has not already been redeemed.

If you’ve confirmed all this and the code still isn’t working, take your recharge voucher and receipt back to where you bought it for a refund.   

What if my recharge voucher is for the wrong amount?

If the amount on your recharge voucher is wrong, take the voucher and receipt back to where you bought it for a refund. 

Don’t worry – if you need to recharge now, you still can recharge via:

What if I can’t recharge?

  • If you’re getting an error message, or the recharge option menu is being repeated back to you, then you may be blocked from recharging.
  • This can happen if you try to recharge a number of times unsuccessfully – for example with an incorrect voucher code.
  • If you’ve been blocked from re-charging, contact us and we can sort it out for you.

Why am I being asked to enter a PIN?

Some recharge options, such as SMS recharge, require you to enter a PIN.

When you recharge with a credit/debit card, you’ll see an option to ‘save’ your details and create a 4-digit PIN. With your PIN set up, you have lots of options to recharge via:

  • Telstra 24x7 My Account
  • Telstra 24x7 App
  •  m.telstra.com on your Pre-Paid device
  •  Dial #100# or calling 125 8888 from your Pre-Paid device
  • Via SMS to 125 8885. SMS the recharge amount, (space), and your 4-digit PIN.

Need more help?

For assistance with all your recharge problems, contact our support team.






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