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You can recharge your Telstra Pre-Paid service online using your credit card, debit card or PayPal™ when it suits you, or try one of our other convenient payment options.



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Don’t have your Pre-Paid device handy, or topping up for someone else? Online is the secure, fast and easy way to recharge.

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Recharge on the go

Smart phone and tablet user

To check your balance and recharge anytime, download the Telstra 24x7 App to your device. If you can’t download the Telstra 24x7 App, visit in your Pre-Paid browser to check your balance, recharge and more.

iPhone | Android | BlackBerry | Windows Phone

Mobile broadband users

If you’re recharging your Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband, but don’t have the Telstra 24x7® App, visit in your Pre-Paid browser to recharge, check your balance and more.

Basic phone

If you can’t access to check your balance and recharge, try dialling #100#.

Recharging when overseas

Dial #100# on your handset or type into your browser. Check our Itinerary Builder to see if roaming is available at your destination, or read our tips for managing your Pre-Paid service overseas. 

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More payment options


Recharge using your PayPal™ account Online

If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up here.


BPAY allows you to recharge your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile service via Internet or phone banking. You can even set up automatic recharges.

Step 1. Log on to or call your financial institution's Internet or phone banking service to make a payment of any amount between $20 and $180 from your cheque or savings account.

Step 2. Select the 'BPAY' option and follow the prompts given by your participating financial institution. Please make a note of your receipt number. You’ll also need the following: 

  • Telstra Pre-Paid Biller Code: 150979
  • Your Customer Reference Number is your 10-digit mobile number

Step 3. We'll send you an SMS (for Telstra Pre-Paid devices that can receive SMS) when your credit has been added to your Telstra Pre-Paid service. The recharge credit should be applied to your service one banking day after your payment is received by Telstra.

Please note that as per any other BPAY transaction there may be a delay if you miss your bank's cut off times for BPAY transactions, or on weekends and public holidays. You will need to be registered with your financial institution for telephone or Internet banking to use BPAY.

If you have not used BPAY before, and need more information, please visit

The above Biller Code is only available for Telstra Pre-Paid customers.


The Credit Me2U service is a handy option that allows you to recharge a Telstra Pre-Paid service from your Telstra post-paid mobile account.

You can perform a small, one-off credit transfer from a Telstra post-paid mobile without registration. You can also register to make larger transfers or set up a regular scheduled transfer.

To access Credit Me2U on your Telstra post-paid mobile, dial #100# and press send. Then select '2' and 'Send' to select 'Credit Me2U'. Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.

Please note recurring transfers need to be set up 24 hours in advance and require you to create a PIN. There is a 25c charge for each successful credit transfer. Any amount credited will be charged to your post-paid mobile bill, in addition to the monthly access charge.

Each Telstra post-paid mobile can transfer:

  • A maximum of $100 per month by one-off credit transfer
  • A maximum of $300 per month by scheduled transfer
  • A maximum of $400 per month combined one-off and scheduled transfers.

Hint: Make sure you check the mobile phone number and amount before sending as transferred credit cannot be reversed, or cancelled once confirmed.

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Scheduled Monthly Recharge

With Scheduled Monthly Recharge, you can recharge your Pre-Paid service automatically. The amount you choose will be deducted automatically each month on the date you nominate using your chosen payment method.

Once you've saved your payment details, and set up a 4-digit recharge PIN, you'll be able to access the Scheduled Monthly Recharge service via My Account, using the Telstra 24x7 App, visiting on your device, dialling #100# or calling 125 8888.

This service is compatible with recharge amounts where the expiry period is 28 to 31 days, such as the Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom Offer. We will make sure your credit and bonuses last until your next scheduled recharge date by extending the expiry period for Scheduled Monthly Recharge customers.

See more information on Scheduled Monthly Recharge

Balance Based Recharge

With Balance Based Recharge you can also recharge your Pre-Paid service automatically. The amount you choose will be deducted automatically using your chosen saved payment method when your Pre-Paid main account balance reaches a level specified by you. You can set this up by registering and logging into My Account.

More information on Balance Based Recharge

View the Telstra Cheque / Savings Recharge and Credit Card Recurring Recharge Terms and Conditions (PDF, 38kB)