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Offset everyday emissions with Telstra Plus

It's not always that easy being green, but it just got easier with Telstra Plus! Use your points to support climate projects. Let's face eco-challenges together.
Eligibility criteria apply to join Telstra Plus.

The earth loves you. You can love it back

People are becoming more enviro-conscious and taking steps to help protect the planet. Whether that’s by engaging in eco-initiatives, discussing climate issues, or by trying to prevent or reduce carbon emissions.

However, even when we’ve taken steps to reduce our emissions, some carbon emissions are unavoidable – but that doesn’t mean we can’t take further action.  

With your Telstra Plus points, you can now support accredited international or Aussie-based climate projects and help offset some of the carbon emissions that we can’t avoid as we all connect, share, work and play.

Carbon offset projects you can support

Examples of everyday carbon emissions

The below examples give you an idea of the amount of carbon emissions that can be generated in everyday life.


A mobile phone

An average mobile phone generates between 57 and 117kg of carbon emissions during its lifecycle, depending on your phone and how much you use it.


A pet

An average-sized cat generates approximately 310kg of carbon emissions per year. An average-sized dog generates approximately 770kg. The amount of carbon kilos doesn't equate to how much they love you, though.


A 50 litre tank of petrol

A 50 litre tank of petrol contributes around 145kg of carbon emissions. Better sort out your playlist for the drive.


Average Aussie diet

The average Aussie diet contributes approximately 5,300kg of carbon each year. Over half of that is attributed to red meat.  Another quarter is attributed to energy-dense, nutrient-poor "non-core" foods. We really hope that doesn't mean chocolate biscuits.

Check out the Product Disclosure Statement to learn more about these carbon emission examples and how they’re calculated.

See how we can face climate challenges together

5 easy ways to help lower your household’s emissions

Many of us are concerned about climate change. If you’d like to do more, here are 5 easy tips to consider.

How can I be energy efficient at home?

Whether you are working from home, streaming movies or doing the washing, making small changes can help you be more energy efficient.

You’re not on your own in facing climate challenges. Telstra’s commitment to climate means reducing its carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 and investing in carbon offset projects to counteract the emissions that remain after our reductions.

Getting started with Telstra Plus is easy. Joining is free

To join Telstra Plus, sign in with your Telstra ID. If you don't have a Telstra ID, you'll need to create one first.

You musy be 18+ with an eligible service. Excludes enterprise customers. Read the terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

The idea behind carbon offsetting is that you can balance out the impact of carbon emissions on the environment by supporting projects that will avoid, reduce or remove an equivalent of those emissions from the atmosphere. 

For example, the average mobile phone generates roughly between 57-117kg of carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle. That includes manufacturing, transport, use and disposal. While you can reduce some of those emissions by using your phone less or by trading it in so it can be recycled, you can’t completely avoid them (unless you don’t buy a phone at all, but then how would you watch cute animal videos?) 

To help soften the impact of emissions you can’t avoid, you can support accredited climate projects (in this case by using your Telstra Plus points) that avoid, reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

No. To be able to say you are carbon neutral, you need to be able to first measure your emissions, reduce those emissions as much as possible through actions you take, and then offset any emissions you are unable to avoid. 

So while you can use your Telstra Plus points support climate projects and help to offset emissions, the amount of those offsets will not necessarily equate to the emissions created by your everyday life. But every little bit helps.

The amount of Telstra Plus points you need to redeem depends on the cost of the carbon credits that each project issues.

International carbon credits are typically cheaper than Australian carbon credits because the demand for carbon credits and the supply of credits available for purchase vary between countries and regions.

While their prices may differ, you can rest assured that the projects supported and credits purchased from both International and Australian Projects are consistent with the Australian government’s Climate Active program guidelines (PDF, 835KB).

Just like any other product in the Telstra Plus store, Telstra will convert the Telstra Plus points you redeem into a dollar amount, which we’ll use to support certified carbon offset projects.

We’ll do this by retiring carbon credits from the selected carbon offset projects. The carbon credits we retire may be carbon credits we’ve already purchased or will purchase for the purpose of Offset with Telstra.

No. Because Telstra purchases the carbon credits, they’ll be registered in the name of Telstra.  Even though the carbon credits are registered to Telstra, they don’t contribute to Telstra’s climate commitments or carbon neutral status. You will not own or have any right or interest in the carbon credits.

No, your support will not contribute to Telstra’s climate commitments or count towards Telstra’s carbon neutral status.

This is simply a way for you to support carbon offset projects to help offset emissions you are unable to avoid in everyday life.

Yes, you can redeem your Telstra Plus points for more than one offset, depending on how many Telstra Plus points you have available.

You won’t be able to use your Telstra Plus points to offset more than the amounts listed in a single transaction, however you can always make multiple and separate redemptions to offset a higher amount.

When you offset with Telstra Plus, we may choose to purchase and retire a variety of different carbon credits.

For International Projects, the carbon credits that will be retired may include:

  • Verified Carbon Units (VCU)
  • Certified Emissions Reduction units (CER)
  • other emission or environmental initiatives

to meet the offset amount you've chosen.

For Australian Projects, the carbon credits that will be retired may include:

  • Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU)
  • other emission or environmental initiatives

to meet the offset amount you've chosen.

While we can't guarantee exactly what projects will be supported or type of credits will be retired when you offset with Telstra Plus, we can guarantee that the carbon credits for both International and Australian Projects are consistent with Australian government's Climate Active program guidelines (PDF, 835KB).

Carbon credits will not be retired in your name. Carbon credits will be retired in Telstra's name, but will not be counted towards Telstra’s carbon neutral certification. For more information please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement, which includes Terms and Conditions.

Offset with Telstra: Only available to Telstra Plus members. See Telstra Plus T&Cs below. Carbon credits will be acquired and retired in Telstra’s name. You will not own or hold any right or interest in the carbon credits acquired by Telstra. Other than your choice of International or Australian projects, you cannot direct us to acquire or retire any specific type of carbon credit. The carbon credits we retire may be purchased by Telstra prior to your redemption or after your redemption of Telstra Plus points at Telstra’s discretion. For more information see our Offset with Telstra Terms and Conditions and Product Disclosure Statement: Telstra Plus: Must be 18+ with an active service. Excludes enterprise customers. Points are earned on payment for services or pre-paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits & late payment fees). Points expire 3 years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts. See the Telstra Plus program terms and conditions here: