Information about the service

The Telstra Mobile Device Management service (T-MDM) allows you to manage your Telstra-approved devices within the T-MDM portal.  By accessing the T-MDM portal you can perform a wide range of administrative functions depending on the type of device you have.

The T-MDM features and functions will vary depending on your eligible device and its operating system, and whether you’ve taken up any optional extras.


You need to have one or more eligible devices connected to a Corporate Mobile Plus $40 and above plan on the Telstra Mobile Network. You can also access the T-MDM portal if you have an eligible device and you’re in a Wi-Fi coverage area.

For a list of eligible devices see

Minimum Term

T-MDM is a casual month by month plan with no minimum term.

Your minimum monthly charge

The amount you pay for T-MDM depends on what eligible service you have. If your eligible device is connected to a Telstra Mobile Connect Plan, T-MDM access is free. You can also connect your eligible device to a $5 Bolt-on plan which costs you $5 per month. if you are not connected to a Telstra mobile plan.

When you register an eligible device in the T-MDM portal you’ll get a Client Access Licence (CAL) for that device and we’ll charge you monthly fees for that CAL (CAL Fee). See more information on CAL Fees see

Other Charges

You’ll need to separately pay for any data usage fees and charges associated with using T-MDM and your Eligible Service as set out in Our Customer Terms. For use outside of Australia, International Roaming charges apply. See our Customer Terms for details, available at

Optional Extras

Secure Content Locker

Allows you to upload documents into the T-MDM portal and gives your eligible devices secure access to those documents through the portal. You’ll need to pay additional monthly Secure Content Locker CAL fees for using this service.

Professional Software Installation

For an additional one-off charge, we can remotely install Secure Email Gateway and/or Enterprise Integration Service software over the internet to your computer server.

Bill payment charges

Fees and charges may apply for bill delivery and payment of your invoice, depending on the method.

We do have fee free options available - more information is available at:



Need help? We're here for you.

Visit for our support options. Call 13 20 00 or 133 677 (TTY), or +61 439 12 5109 from overseas. to speak to someone about your plan or to obtain a copy of this summary in an alternative/accessible format.


If you need assistance, send an email to We’ll assist with login, using the T-MDM portal to send settings to your eligible devices and using T-MDM features and functions. We won’t be able to assist with non-eligible devices, equipment configuration or third party software or settings on devices that are not working. 


If there’s something you’re not happy with and you wish to make a complaint, visit We like to make every attempt to resolve any issues but you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058 or visit if you would like an independent investigation

This is a summary only. The full legal terms for this plan are available at

Notification of Telstra's Corporate Restructure

As you may already be aware, as part of a corporate restructure, your account and services will be transferred internally within the Telstra Group from Telstra Corporation Limited to Telstra Limited.  This won’t impact your account or services or how you contact us, and there’s nothing you need to do.  This change will take place on 1 January 2023. For updates on the restructure and more information or to contact us about this change, visit This message is from Telstra Corporation Limited and Telstra Limited.