Information about the service

Information about the service

MTData is an Australian designed, manufactured and serviced in-vehicle telematics solution that allows customers to create solutions tailored to their needs. Utilising the Telstra mobile network, it provides the near real-time location of your vehicles and assets along with the ability to monitor aspects of driver behaviour, view in-vehicle dashcam and security footage, and assist with Australian legislation compliance. There is also an option to use the Iridium® satellite network when a vehicle or asset is outside of Telstra mobile network coverage areas (additional fees apply).

Telstra has announced that it will be switching off its 3G (850 MHz) service on 30 June 2024

The BP alarm and BP link devices rely on the 3G (850MHz) service and will no longer have mobile connectivity from this date (unless you subsequently upgrade them). The functionality of these devices will therefore be impacted from this date.

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You can purchase the MTData In-Vehicle Telematics software on a month-by-month casual basis with upfront purchase of the MTData telematics hardware required.


Starter Kits

S-01 Starter Kit – comprises a “plug and play” OBDII GPS tracking unit for ease of installation.

S-02 Starter Kit – comprises the Model 3027 GPS tracking unit which is hard-wired into the vehicle and can be located under the vehicle dashboard for enhanced safety and security. Kit Includes GPS and 3G antennas for optimal accuracy and performance.

S-03 Starter Kit - an app-only solution (“Swift”) specifically designed for sub-contractors and mobile workers.

All of the above Starter Kits utilise MTData’s web based software (“Hawk-Eye”) to provide near real-time tracking, performance dashboards, reports, history replay and waypoint management (geo-fence) keeping this information all in one central location.

Comprehensive Kits

C-01 Standard Kit – comprises the Model 4000 in-vehicle GPS Tracking and Control unit and an in-cab driver tablet with a robust charging holder. This unit includes Wi-Fi module for pairing with driver tablet and harsh driving G-force sensor for triggering harsh driving alerts. Utilising MTData’s web based software (“Hawk-Eye”), the solution enables GPS tracking, detailed analytics, proactive alerts, performance dashboards and reports, history replay and waypoint management (geo-fence) all in one central location. Additional kit options are available e.g. Engine Control Management (ECM) and Satellite Communication.

C-02 Standard Kit plus ECM – comprises access to near real-time engine data across your fleet, including the ability to track oil temperature, pressures, coolant temperature, RPM, odometer readings, engine hours, and fuel consumptions. This information is coupled with distance travelled and engine hours, and integrates with Hawk-Eye’s maintenance scheduling to assist you to keep your fleet roadworthy and compliant.

C-03 Standard Kit plus Satellite communications – will give you access to near real-time tracking, fatigue management, two-way messaging, duress systems and much more when your fleet is outside of a mobile coverage area.

C-04 Standard Kit, ECM and Satellite Communication – comprises all of the features in the standard and ECM kits as well as Iridium® satellite communications.


MTData, through Transport Compliance Services (TCS), is a certified IAP Service Provider. All comprehensive kits are available in IAP enabled versions. 

Optional Hardware Add-Ons

OH01- 04 DVR Camera Solution The rugged and high-resolution Digital Video Recording (DVR) camera solution includes a 256GB SSD hard drive that can support up to four camera channels. It integrates with the tracking unit, combining recorded footage with map locations. This camera solution will assist you to meet industry requirements. Note: Higher capacity SSDs are available upon request.

OH-05 High Gain Antenna – A high gain mast antenna to provide enhanced voice clarity and data reception in marginal Telstra coverage areas.

OH-06 Duress Switch – Dash mounted switch for triggering driver duress alerts to nominated users of the MTData Hawk-Eye web application. 

Optional Software Add-On

OS-01 DVR camera – Allows for remote retrieval of video footage viewable via the Hawk-Eye web application.

OS-02 IAP software – Certified software for the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) higher mass concession scheme to enable transmission of data to meet government requirements for higher mass compliance.

OS-03 Fatigue Management – The fatigue management solution, in-line with all fatigue schemes, is based on the standardised 28-day work cycle. Simply view statuses via Hawk-Eye and electronically plan, record and review your driver work diaries. Once the scheme is selected, it will clearly identify available driving hours per driver, when a break should be taken, and the minimum break duration required.

OS-04 Navigation Mapping – HERE Maps Truck Attribute Mapping displays heavy vehicle routes on a tablet screen for driver navigation.

OS-05 Talon Job Dispatch – The job dispatch module is an online solution, assisting businesses with efficiency planning, dispatching and electronic job management. 

What’s included

Month to Month

  • A month-by-month contract for the MTData Hawk-Eye software application(s). 
  • Upfront payment for hardware. 

What’s not included

Mobile Data A month-by-month contract for mobile data services must be purchased from us separately and is required to use any MTData Telematics Solution.

Installation Any agreed installation charges will be set out separately on your application form. 

Freight charges Depending on your location, additional freight charges may apply.

Satellite Communications Unit Additional charges will apply for Iridium satellite data services (an activation fee is also payable).

Additional services for items such as Training, Project Management and Professional Services (additional fees apply).

Important conditions

Satellite Communications Unit

Please note, if you purchase a Satellite Communications Unit you’ll be billed separately for data usage on your Satellite Communications Unit. Satellite charges are $39.90 for 12 KB. Excess data will be charged at $7.50 per KB. (A one-off activation fee is also payable).

In order to use the Satellite Communications Unit you will need to purchase a satellite Iridium® data service separately. 




Information about pricing


To take up the MTData Telematics solution you will need:

  • a casual Telstra month to month data plan (there are different data plans available) 
  • Hardware (as set out in the application form) 
  • Software (as set out in the application form).

In addition to your month to month data plan, the other charges (ex. GST) that will apply to your MTData Telematics solutions are the hardware and software options set out below.

Upfront Hardware

Upfront Price

(ex. GST)



OBDII plug-in GPS unit



Basic Tracking – Hardwired GPS unit




Standard Kit



Standard Kit plus ECM



Standard Kit plus Satellite



Standard Kit plus ECM & Satellite



with IAP





IAP Kit plus ECM



IAP Kit plus Satellite



IAP Kit plus ECM & Satellite






DVR x1 cam



DVR x2 cam



DVR x3 cam



DVR x4 cam



HG Antenna



Duress Switch



Monthly Price


Starter kit software


Comprehensive kits (including IAP) software


Swift App


Optional Additional Software

Monthly Price

(ex. GST)

Optional Add Ons (only with Comprehensive)


DVR Camera






03 Talon Fatigue



Talon Navigation



Talon Job Dispatch


If there are Installation and freight charges that apply, these will be listed separately on your application form.

All prices specified in this document are exclusive of GST

Other information

Bill Payment Charges

  • Direct Debit is our preferred payment method, you can set it up anytime at
  • Electronic payments – Free
  • Payments made in person or by cheque – Extra $2.50 (some exemptions apply)
  • Paperless bills are free. A paper bill can be issued for $2.20 per copy sent (some exemptions apply)

Understanding my bill

You’re billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, and in arrears for any usage not included in your plan.

When you start or change your plan part way through a billing period, your first bill will have part month charges.

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Complaints or Disputes

If you have a problem or complaint about your service you can:

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