Information about the service

Your plan sets out the pricing that applies when you make and receive calls.

To take up this plan you need to have a Telstra Business All-4-Biz Mach IV Plan and be specifically invited by us to take up this plan. Telstra Business All-4-Biz Mach IV Plans are available with a minimum monthly charge of $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, $6,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $25,000, $30,000, $35,000, $40,000, $45,000, $50,000, $55,000 and $60,000.

Minimum Term

Casual. There is no fixed minimum term, but if you cancel your overall All-4-Biz Mach IV plan then you’ll no longer be connected to this Plan.

What’s included

Your Plan includes rental, local calls, calls to 019 numbers, national long distance (STD) calls, and calls to Australian mobile numbers, subject to our FairPlay Policy. 

What’s not included

You can’t use your included calls for any call types other than those listed above, including calls to the Sensis® 1234 service, calls to 12234 and 12455, third party content calls, international calls, international roaming calls, calls to 13 and 1300 numbers and calls to 19xx and 12xx numbers. You need to pay us for these calls separately and they will be charged at standard BusinessLine complete rates.

Full details and charges for these calls can be found at

Information about pricing

Refer to the Plan Cost table.

Minimum monthly charge for your Plan

$120 – you’ll have to pay more than $120 if you make calls that aren’t included with your plan. 

Calls in Australia

Local calls, calls to 019 numbers, national long distance (STD) calls and calls to Australian mobile numbers are included in your plan. You’ll pay 35¢ per call to 13 numbers. 

Calls to International Numbers

Your included calls don’t include calls to international numbers, so you’ll be charged for making those at the international per minute rate set out in your agreement with us for your All-4-Biz plan.

ACT Customers

If your telephone line is at an address within the ACT Government area including the Jervis Bay area of NSW, you may be charged an ACT Government Utilities Tax Charge in addition to the Minimum Monthly Charge. We charge this annually based on the number of services you have in the ACT Government area.

Bill payment charges

  • Direct Debit is our preferred payment method, you can set it up anytime at
  • Electronic payments – Free
  • Payments made in person or by cheque – Extra $2.50 (some exemptions apply)
  • Paperless bills are free. A paper bill can be issued for $2.20 per copy sent (some exemptions apply)

Early Termination Charge

You can cancel at any time – there’s no Early Termination Charge. You may incur Early Termination Charges for cancelling your overall All-4-Biz service if a minimum term applies to it.

Other information


On the same day of each month, you’ll be billed in advance for the minimum charge, as well as for use during the month. The figures in this Critical Information Summary are for a full billing cycle.

Transferring to the National Broadband Network (NBN)

If the NBN comes to your area, we’ll take responsibility for managing your transfer to this new network. To do this, we’ll need your agreement and help to access your premises, and we’ll talk with you about installation requirements. We’ll work with you to make this as simple as possible, but we may need to cancel your plan if you don’t want to move across. We’ll let you know the details before any changes happen.

Need help? We're here for you.

Visit for our support options. Call 13 20 00 or 133 677 (TTY), or +61 439 12 5109 from overseas, to speak to someone about your plan or to obtain a copy of this summary in an alternative /accessible format.


If there’s something you’re not happy with and you wish to make a complaint, visit We like to make every attempt to resolve any issue but you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058 or visit if you'd like an independent investigation.

Notification of Telstra's Corporate Restructure

As you may already be aware, as part of a corporate restructure, your account and services will be transferred internally within the Telstra Group from Telstra Corporation Limited to Telstra Limited.  This won’t impact your account or services or how you contact us, and there’s nothing you need to do.  This change will take place on 1 January 2023. For updates on the restructure and more information or to contact us about this change, visit This message is from Telstra Corporation Limited and Telstra Limited.

This is a summary only. The full legal terms for this plan are available at

^ This service is only available for customers with an 10-digit account number. It excludes customers with a 13-digit account number beginning with 2000.