Manage unwelcome calls

Are you receiving unwelcome calls?

Whether you're wanting to identify unwelcome calls or report them, we're here to help.

What are unwelcome calls?

Unwelcome calls come in many forms and can be unsolicited and often unwanted. It can help to know what types of calls you might be receiving to find the best way to deal with them.

Telemarketing calls

Telemarketing calls are voice calls where the caller aims to sell, advertise, or promote goods or services. In some instances, no prior contact made or consent provided.

Scam calls

Scam calls often from people saying they're from well-known organisations. They're usually asking for your financial details (such as your credit card or banking details) in order to process a refund or 'overpayment'.

Charity calls

Charity calls are voice calls made by a registered charity for fundraising purposes, where you may have previously donated to. Calls are alarmingly frequent for some people. 

Political calls

Political calls permitted in certain circumstances during periods of political debate, such as in the lead up to a referendum or plebiscite. They are subject to additional minimum standards.

Social or market researchers

Market and social researchers are permitted to call to conduct opinion polling and standard questionnaire-based research. They are subject to additional minimum standards. 


Robocalls are callers pretending to be from government departments and threatening to arrest you unless money is sent over. 

Callers might also claim that your computer has a virus or is infecting other computers. 

Put a stop to unwelcome calls

Whether from telemarketers or scammers, or even from somebody you don't want to hear from. Whatever the case, the good news is there are steps you can take to reduce them.

Call 000

For any calls threatening life or property, contact the police immediately. 

Harassing or threatening calls from someone you know, can be a form of technology-facilitated abuse. We can offer support through our domestic and family violence assistance

Collect evidence

Record how the caller made contact with you including the dates and times.

eSafety recommends resisting the urge to get rid of any messages or comments immediately.

Stop telemarketers

To help stop unsolicited calls, add your number to the Do Not Call Register.

Registered numbers can still be contacted by exempt organisations. These include registered charities, research companies, registered political parties and educational institutions.

Report unwanted calls

If you've received any unwelcome calls from Telstra, let us know. Complete the application form and we'll be in touch.

What to look out for when someone claims to be from Telstra when they're not.

How can I prevent further unwelcome calls?

Discover how you can take action by using call blocking and screens to prevent unsolicited calls from reaching you.

Block calls

Whether you're using a post-paid, Pre-Paid or work phone, you can effectively prevent these calls from reaching you. 

Go to your manufacturer's device guide for block calls. 

Screen calls

Knowing who is calling you is important for protecting yourself from unwelcome calls.

Manage caller ID on mobile or home phone.

Call forward

You can easily apply and remove Call Waiting and Call Forwarding settings for your nbn home phone.

Frequently asked questions

Companies or individuals sometimes contact our customers claiming to be from Telstra when they're not.  

Always remember, we won't call you for a service or technical matter unless you contact us first. If you're suspicious about the call, you should ask is it really Telstra contacting you?

Unwelcome communications come in many forms, from calls to text messages. A pattern of unwelcome communications consists of at least 3 or more calls or texts over a period of more than 24 hours and less than 120 hours, or at least 10 calls or texts in a 24 hour period. 

If you think something's not quite right, just hang up. If it's an SMS, delete it and don't reply. 

Report it. Submit a Report Misuse of Service form and include as much detail about the call and caller as you can remember. Our Cyber Security team will investigate the report and may be in touch if they have additional questions. 

If you don't want to receive Telstra telemarketing calls, or for information on our telemarketing opt out process, call us on 1800 039 059 (9am-7pm AEST Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). 

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