If you've had an unwelcome call threatening life or property, contact the police immediately on 000.

If you're a Telstra customer, we can help you to manage unwelcome calls. These pages outline how we can help you take positive action against unwelcome calls. Whatever the nature of the calls, we aim to minimise any stress and inconvenience.

If you're receiving unwelcome calls and a carrier other than Telstra provides your telephone service, contact your service provider.

How to opt out of Telstra telemarketing calls

If you don't want to receive Telstra telemarketing calls, or for information about our opt out process, call us on 1800 039 059 (9am–7pm AEST Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Call types

Unwelcome calls come in many forms. It can help to know what types of calls you might be receiving, and the strategies for dealing with them

Do Not Call Register

Find out how you can include your number on the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register.

Legal information

Telstra operations are governed by a number of Federal Acts of Parliament. The release of information from our Unwelcome Calls Centre is also strictly controlled.

Contact us

Our specialist Unwelcome Calls Centre can help you to manage unwelcome calls.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our contact centres are operating with reduced staff volumes. Expect longer than usual wait times if seeking customer service by phone.

We recommend using our web form as the easiest way to manage your services.