Is it really Telstra contacting you?

Companies or individuals sometimes contact our customers claiming to be from Telstra when they're not.

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    What to look out for

    At Telstra, we often call our customers to review their accounts, inform them about new products and services, or let them know if their account is overdue.

    Unfortunately, companies or individuals sometimes call our customers claiming to be from Telstra when they’re not. These people may quote fake Telstra Employee (ID) Numbers or Customer Account numbers, or describe themselves as ‘Telstra technicians’. They may try to switch you to another phone company, or say there’s a fault with your computer and that you need to pay for technical support or software. You can find out more about how to tell if Telstra is really calling you (PDF, 188KB).

    If you receive a suspicious call, hang up immediately and report the call using the appropriate form.

    What genuine Telstra callers will always do

    • If we're calling about a new offer and you are not comfortable at any stage, we will respect your wishes and terminate the call.
    • We'll only call you for marketing reasons between 9am–8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am–3pm Saturday. We may call you outside these hours if you have an unpaid account.
    • If we miss you, we will wait a few hours before calling you again.
    • We'll always notify you in writing about any technical fault that requires your attention, or if there's a scheduled service interruption in your area.

    What genuine Telstra callers will never do

    • We'll never phone and ask for information like your bank or credit card details, unless it relates to an existing account requiring payment.
    • We won't call you repeatedly about the same offer if you've said no.
    • We will never engage in high pressure sales tactics, create uncertainty or unnecessary dilemmas about your services or personal information.
    • We will never threaten to disconnect your internet and ask for remote access for your computer.

    Reporting suspicious activity

    Misuse of service and scams

    If you believe you have experienced misuse or abuse online from a Telstra service, or received any suspicious calls or emails claiming to be from Telstra, please tell us about it below.

    Computer security concerns

    If you've found information online about our products and services that you believe indicates a potential security concern, we want to hear about it.

    Unwelcome calls

    Unwelcome calls can come in many forms, from malicious calls to hang up calls. Whatever the nature, we aim to minimise any stress and inconvenience.

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