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    MessageBank is your personal answering service. It's included at no cost with some of our plans and on nbn® and 4G fixed services.

    You can also extend your ring time to give you more time to answer the phone before your calls reach MessageBank.

    If you have a personal alert system (such as a medical alert device), check with the manufacturer that it's compatible with this service.

    Getting started

    The first time you call MessageBank from the phone it's connected to, by calling 101, you'll be guided through recording your personal greeting and choosing a PIN. Follow the prompts to set up your mailbox. You'll need your PIN when you call from another phone service.

    Accessing MessageBank

    To access MessageBank from the phone it's connected to, call 101.

    If you need to access it from another number, you can call the service and press # while the greeting is playing, this will prompt you to enter your MessageBank PIN. 

    Your messages will play automatically once you're connected. After listening to your messages:

    • Press 1 to replay the message
    • Press 22 to call the person back - standard call charges apply
    • Press 5 to delete the message and go to the next one.

    If you're using a service connected with PABXs or other carriers, you'll need to call 1800 135 102 to access your MessageBank.  

    Frequently asked questions

    To turn MessageBank on or off at any time:

    1. Lift up your phone handset
      • To switch on – dial *99#
      • To switch off – dial #99#
    2. Hang up.

    You can change your PIN at any time and, if you prefer the added security of PIN protection when calling MessageBank from your home phone, you can set that up too.

    1. Call 101  
    2. Press 9 for main menu
    3. Press 3 for set up menu
    4. Press 3 for the PIN change menu, then
    5. Press 1 to change the PIN or 2 for security settings, then
    6. Press 1 to turn off optional PIN.

    When optional PIN is turned off, you'll need to enter your PIN every time you call your mailbox. When it's on, you'll only have to enter your PIN when calling from a different phone. 

    Anytime you're using MessageBank, you can press:

    • 9 to return to Main Menu
    • * to cancel and go back one menu level
    • 8 for Help.

    And when you're listening to your messages, you can press:

    • 1 to go back to the start of the message
    • 2 to go back 8 seconds
    • 3 to go forward 8 seconds
    • 33 to fast forward to the end of the message
    • 6 to skip to the next message
    • 7 to pause a message while it's playing
    • 7 to resume again.

    Your unanswered calls are usually forwarded to MessageBank after 20 seconds, or about seven rings. However, you can change this to anything from five to 55 seconds.

    To change the time before a call is forwarded:

    1. Lift up your phone handset
    2. Dial *99 followed by the number of seconds and then # e.g. *9955# to set to 55 seconds  
    3. Hang up.

    Home Messages 101 is our basic home phone answering service and is not available for home phone services on the nbn network or 4G fixed.

    To turn on Telstra Home Messages 101 or to retrieve messages from your home phone:

    1. Dial 101
    2. Follow the prompts.

    You'll know you have new messages as soon as you pick up your phone because you'll hear a special 'interrupted' dial tone.

    Home Messages 101 SMS Notification

    You can also get a text message sent to your Telstra mobile when someone leaves you a new message.

    To turn on SMS Message Notifications:

    1. Dial 101
    2. Select 2 from the menu
    3. Follow the prompts.

    Your phone will ring for 20 seconds before Telstra Home Messages 101 takes the call. You can change this delay to any interval, from 5 to 55 seconds.

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