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Make and receive voice calls on our 4G network using your Telstra Smart Modem.

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    What’s Home Wireless Voice?

    Home Wireless Voice (or 4G fixed) is a home phone service that’s connected to the 4G network through your Telstra Smart Modem and doesn’t cost any extra. If you don’t use the internet and all you want is a home phone service to make and receive voice calls, then this could be the right service for you.

    Why should I switch to Home Wireless Voice?

    Having your home phone on the 4G network means your service is solely supported by Telstra. Our 4G network handles tens of millions of voice calls every day and if your service has a problem, we’re here to fix it for you.

    Important things you need to know

    • Priority Assistance isn’t available for this service. If you need Priority Assistance we’ll switch your home phone to an nbn network
    • Home Wireless Voice is only available to customers who have received a letter of invite from us
    • You should keep your Telstra Smart Modem plugged into the fixed connection point so we can switch your service to Home Wireless Voice or back
    • Home Wireless Voice doesn’t support medical, fire or security alarms; lift phones, EFTPOS, Teletypewriter (TTY) and Fax
    • When there's a power outage you won't be able to make voice calls on your home phone. Incoming calls will be captured by MessageBank
    • You can access your missed calls and messages from MessageBank once power is restored.

    What do the lights on the Telstra Smart Modem mean when I’m connected to Home Wireless Voice?

    Telstra Smart Modem front view showing legend for white, orange and blue lights

    Front Light Indicator

    • White - Powered on, booting up 
    • Orange - Connecting 
    • Blue - Connected. Telstra Home Wireless active
    Mobile signal indicator light on the back of the modem showing legend for green, orange and red lights

    Back Light Indicator

    • Green - Great 
    • Orange - Good
    • Red - Limited access

    How to check the status of your Telstra Smart Modem and Home Wireless Voice connection

    To check the status of your Telstra Smart Modem and Home Wireless Voice connection, enter in your browser and sign in with your username and password or use the default Username: admin and Password: Telstra.

    What phone features are included with Home Wireless Voice?

    Home Wireless Voice (4G fixed) includes the same features as a home phone service on the nbn network. You can check the features in the home phone user guide (PDF, 1.7MB).

    Frequently asked questions

    To start using your Telstra Home Wireless Voice (or 4G Fixed) Terminating Unit (NTU), follow our 4G Fixed Wireless set-up guide.

    This device has limited internet access. If you connect your phone, tablet or computer to the device by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, you’ll only be able to access the following websites:

    To find a plan to suit your data needs, explore our plans or call us on 13 22 00.

    Yes, if you want to switch your home phone service back to the nbn network, contact us on 13 22 00 and we’ll switch you back in 24-48 hours. Your smart modem must be plugged into the wall socket or nbn co Network Termination Device (NTD) for this to happen. 

    No, you can’t access the internet as there’s no data provision with this service. If you need to access the internet, you’ll need to switch to an nbn service. Contact us to choose an nbn plan.

    No, Home Wireless Voice is included in your existing home phone plan, no extra charges apply.

    We’ll send you a letter of invite if you’re eligible for Home Wireless Voice. 

    No, we only offer this service to customers who already have a Telstra Smart Modem and a home phone connected to the nbn network.

    We recommend you don’t move your smart modem from its current position as we’ve based your eligibility for Home Wireless Voice on the current signal strength. We also recommend keeping your modem plugged into the wall socket or Network Termination Device (NTD) to make it easier to switch back to the nbn network (if required).

    Yes, any standard corded or Telstra supplied DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) handset is compatible with Home Wireless Voice. 

    If you need to replace your Telstra Smart Modem, follow these simple steps:

    Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 and Telstra Smart Modem 1.1

    Step 1

    The old smart modem you’re replacing is the:

    • Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 which has ports arranged vertically down the back; or
    • Telstra Smart Modem 1.1 which has ports arranged horizontally along the bottom edge on the back

    Remove your old modem from the power source and place your new modem next to the old modem.

    Plug removed from power wall socket and cables unplugged from the back of Telstra Smart Modem

    Step 2

    Unplug and disconnect.

    Remove the cables from the back of your old modem leaving them connected to your existing devices and wall socket. 

    Back of Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 showing 4 ethernet ports, 1 WAN port and cable, phone cable port and power cable plugged in

    Step 3

    1. Connect the cables to your new modem one at a time. The new smart modem is the Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 which has ports arranged vertically down the back.
    2. Connect the telephone cable into the grey port that’s located on the bottom left of your new modem.
    3. Connect the cable from your phone handset or base to the green port that’s located second up from the bottom on the right-hand side.
    4. Connect the cables from your devices to the four yellow gigabit Ethernet ports located on the left-hand side.
    5. All your cables should be connected now.
    Image showing disconnected devices

    Note: If you disconnected any of your existing devices in the previous step, reconnect them now.

    Front and back of Telstra Smart Modem shown with plugged in cables in the back and power cable plugging in to wall socket

    Step 4

    Plug in your new modem and power up.

    Make sure the power cord is plugged into the base of your modem and the power adaptor is plugged into the power point.

    Remember that this modem is connected to your Telstra service and all your existing services will resume once the modem is successfully installed and powered on.

    You may need to wait up to 5 minutes to allow the new modem to boot up and connect to our servers.

    The light on the front of the new modem will turn blue when it’s connected. Or, to check the status of your Telstra Smart Modem connection, enter in your browser and sign in with your username and password or use the default Username: admin and Password: Telstra.

    If you have any questions or need more help, call us on 13 22 00.

    Your Home Wireless Voice will continue to work with 4G. 

    If you are experiencing issues with your Home Wireless Voice or Telstra Smart Modem, call us on 13 22 00 for assistance.

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