If you accidentally delete an email from your inbox you can retrieve it within 7 days after you deleted it by following the steps in this article.

Good to know:

  • Deleted emails are stored in your Telstra Mail® Trash folder for 7 days.
  • If you can see the email in your trash folder, you can retrieve it. Here’s how:

To retrieve a deleted email:

  1. Log into Telstra Mail in your browser
  2. Select Trash
  3. Tick the check box next to the email you want to retrieve
  4. Select More
  5. Select Move To
  6. Select Inbox

Can I recover an email that’s been deleted from my trash folder?

No. Deleted emails are permanently removed from the Trash after seven days. Or if you manually empty the Trash folder they will be deleted immediately.

Either way, once an email is removed from the Trash folder, you can’t retrieve it.  So be careful which emails you delete.






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