Information about the service

Telstra has announced that it will be switching off its 3G (850 MHz) service on 30 June 2024

If you use AT6 Asset Tracker, Go7 Plug and Play, Go7 Ruggedised Device or Go7 with Fixed Install Kit, the services and related products you acquire in connection with the Fleet Complete GPS Tracking Solution, will be impacted and will no longer work from this date.

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For the Fleet Complete GPS Tracking Solution, you will need to take up a hardware device where you can select either the:

  • Upfront Option; or
  • Repayment Option over 36 months; and
  • A month to month contract for the appropriate Fleet Complete software licence (you will need one MGS800 or MyGeotab license for each GPS device or asset tracker you take up). Or, choose a GO7 or MGS800 device and Software bundled option which includes a hardware device and a software licence, paid for monthly. Except in the case of Task Tracker, which is a feature add on to FC Web Platform. And the BYOD Option plans, which require you to bring your own GO6, GO7 and MGS800.


You need to purchase either the GO7 or the MGS800 devices to enable the Fleet Complete in-vehicle management systems, along with the relevant software. The AT4 and AT5 are satellite asset trackers and must be purchased with the Satellite Connection Fee, and require their own software listed below; the AT4 and AT5 must also be purchased with one of the following – AssetTrak1, AssetTrak2, AssetTrak3 or AssetTrak4; the AT6 3G Asset Tracker requires it’s own software (the FC Web Asset Tracker Software).

Minimum term

The minimum term for the Fleet Complete Solution under the Repayment Option is 36 months except in the case of the Task Tracker and for the BYOD Option, which is 12 months.

What's included

Hardware Upfront Option

  • Upfront payment of hardware.
  • A 36 month contract for the Findum application software licence (which includes a mobile data plan).

Hardware Repayment Option

  • A 36 month contract for the repayment of hardware.
  • A 36 month contract for the FC Web Platform software licence (not compatible with MyGeotab Base, MyGeotab, Business and MyGeotab Fleet plans)(includes mobile data plan). OR
  • A month to month contract for the Fleet Complete software licence (includes mobile data plan). 

BYOD Option 

  • A 12 month contract for the FC Web Platform, MyGeoTab Base Plan, MyGeoTab Business Plan or Task Tracker software, The only devices eligible for this option are the Go6, Go7 or MGS800 (Includes mobile data plan).

What's not Included

  • Installation (except in the case of the Bundled Option)
  • An Iridium satellite data service.

Important Conditions

Satellite Accessory

In order to use a satellite add-on you need to purchase a Satellite unit from us and separately take up a satellite service from Fleet Complete or another third-party provider. We don’t supply this service. For more details visit


The basic hardware is easy to install. However, some features and accessories will require professional installation, including the MGS800.

Dash Duress Function

Successful use of the dash duress function is subject to Telstra Mobile Network availability (and where applicable, Iridium Satellite availability) and may not be available in all areas or circumstances or at all times.

Information about pricing

Fleet Complete Software Price Per Month – All options must be taken up with relevant hardware and accessories Price Per Month (ex GST)
MyGeotab Base Plan $26.55
MyGeotab Business Plan $35.55
MyGeotab Fleet Plan $44.55
Fleet Complete Iridium Add On^ $10.00
Fleet Complete Enterprise Plan $15.00
FC Web Platform $30.00
FC Web Asset Tracker Software (required for AT6) $16.00
Task Tracker Application# $10.00
AssetTrak1 $20.00
AssetTrak2 $25.00
AssetTrak3 $31.00
AssetTrak4 $40.00
Fleet Complete E-logbook – FBT $6.00

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Option
Product Price Per Month (ex GST)
MyGeotab Base Plan – BYOD $26.55
MyGeotab Business Plan – BYOD $35.55
Fleet Complete Iridium Add-on – BYOD    $10.00
FC Web Platform  RRP – BYOD $30.00

Consult your Telstra representative to discuss compatibility of devices and BYOD plans

* Only Compatible with GO7 Hardware and MyGeotab application. † Required for AT4 Asset Tracker unit. ^ Required for the Satellite Unit (with Satellite Harness). # Task Tracker, and each BYOD plan or Add-on comes with a 12 month minimum contract. Check which hardware is compatible with which plan or Add-on.


Upfront Option (ex GST)

Repayment Option (ex GST)

Minimum Cost (ex GST)

Fleet Complete Hardware Devices

G07 – Plug & Play




G07 – Fixed Install Kit




G07 Ruggedised Device




MGS800 with Harness




AT4 Asset Tracker




AT5 Asset Tracker




AT6 Asset Tracker (FC Web Platform  only)                    




Fleet Complete Hardware Accessory Options                                            

Garmin Fleet 660 (with Harness)*




Garmin Fleet 670 (with Harness)*




Satellite unit (with Harness)*




IOX Aux Harness




FC Dash Duress with Harness*




Remote Pendant




Driver ID Receiver




Driver ID Fob




AT4 Mounting Sled




Connection Fee for AT4 Satellite  Asset Tracking*†           




GO7 T-Harness Kit*




GO7 Harness Heavy Vehicle 6 Pin*




GO7 Harness Heavy Vehicle 9 Pin*








TempTrac Rigid Kit*




TempTrac Trailer Kit*




AT6 Tamper Kit




TempTrac Additional Sensors*




Harness For 3 Wire Installs*




Software and Hardware Bundles (Bundled Option) Price Per Month (ex GST) Minimum cost over 36 months (ex GST)

FC Web Bundle

MGS800 with Harness

MGS800 Installation

FC Web Platform

$42.50 $1,530

Bundled Option uses the Fleet Complete Platform software which is not compatible with the MyGeotab Base, MyGeotab, Business and MyGeotab Business plans. Customers should consider which software is best for them by speaking with a Fleet Complete or Telstra sales representative.

Hardware/Installation and the Fleet Complete Platform Application will appear as two separate line items on your bill.


You may bring your own compatible Garmin device. A list of compatible models is available on request.

Minimum cost

The total minimum cost will vary based on the hardware and software application and other options selected and the length of contract of the individual product (12 or 36 months).

Please note: this does not include any charges for your Iridium Satellite data service because Fleet Complete or your other third party provider will charge you separately for this.

Early Termination Charges

An ETC applies if you cancel your Fleet Complete GPS Tracking Solutions during the 36-month term. The ETC is calculated as:

ETC = ETC Base x remaining months of the contract term


The ETC Base and Software ETC is set out in Part G – Data Services of Our Customer Terms.

Bill Payment charges

  • Paperless bills and electronic payments – Free
  • Paper bills – $2.20/mth
  • Payments made in person or by mail – Extra $1.00
  • Set up Email Bill at

Some exemptions may apply.  For details, visit To set up Direct Debit or for details on other bill payment options, visit

Other Information

Understanding my bill

You’re billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, and in arrears for any usage not included in your plan.

When you start or change your plan part way through a billing period, your first bill will have part month charges.

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