Information about the service

Ad On Hold gives you professionally recorded advertising message(s) for when your inbound calls are placed on hold.

Ad On Hold will consult with you to create a voice script for your recording and professionally record it for you. Once this process has been concluded the messages will be sent to your Telstra sales partner to install.


To take up Ad On Hold with Telstra Business Systems (TBS) you’ll need to take up a TBS plan.

Minimum term

There’s no minimum term.

What’s included

Silver, Silver Plus and Silver Premium 

  • Professionally designed On Hold Advertising scripts (designed by Ad On Hold)
  • Customised and professionally recorded On Hold Message (up to 3 minutes long)
  • Customised and professionally recorded Auto Attendant/Greeting Message, After Hours Message
  • Background music and mixing by Ad On Hold’s professional studios

Gold, Gold Plus, Gold Premium

  • Professionally designed On Hold Advertising scripts (designed by Ad On Hold)
  • Customised and professionally recorded On Hold Message (up to 6 minutes long)
  • Up to 20 IVR Prompts
  • Background music and mixing by Ad On Hold’s professional studios
  • 4 departmental messages
  • Public holiday message
  • Professionally customised auto attendant / greeting message and after hours message with backing music

What’s not included

Any adjustments to your recordings more than a month after the initial installation may cost you extra to re-record the message content. You may also need to pay an installation cost to re-install the message(s).

If it’s a minor change the new recording will cost $544.50 including GST. A minor change means changing up to one sentence of any part of the message. Typically these include things like a changed address, a service or a product, or web address.

For a whole new Ad On Hold message and extra message editing, the fee is $1,089 including GST.

Cost  (incl GST)

Ad On Hold Minor Change


Ad On Hold Message Revamp


Ad On Hold Message Player



Number of revamps




Silver Plus


Gold Plus

Silver Premium


Gold Premium

Playing the same message at multiple sites

You can choose to upload exactly the same on hold and message recordings at multiple sites but you’ll need to pay 25% of the original package price for each additional site. If there is any difference in the content, you’ll need to take up extra packages.

Playing multiple On Hold Messages at one site

You can play multiple Ad On Hold message packages at one site, subject to your TBS phone system capabilities. You’ll need to purchase a separate Ad On Hold package for each message stream required.

Information about pricing

The total minimum plan cost


Package Cost (incl. GST)

Silver Package


Silver Plus Package


Silver Premium Package


Gold Package


Gold Plus Package


Gold Premium Package


Early Termination Charge

If you purchase your Ad On Hold package outright, you can cancel your Ad On Hold package at any time. No Early Termination Charge applies. Please note that any applicable early termination charges for your TBS plan will apply.

If you’ve taken up a TBS repayment option and you cancel your package early, you will need to pay us a TBS Repayment Option Early Termination Charge (ETC). The ETC decreases by equal instalments each month you stay on the plan, and is calculated in accordance with your equipment repayment terms as per our Terms and Conditions.

Other information

Manage your service online

There’s a range of online tools to help you to easily manage your services. These tools help you view and pay your bill online, monitor your usage, and more. For more information please visit Or for customers with an account number starting with 2000, please go to or the My Telstra app available for download through the Apple or Android store.


The pricing in this Critical Information Summary is for your first billing cycle only. To opt into receiving paperless billing, visit to request an email bill and/or set up direct debit. For more information on other bill payment options, go to 

Bill Payment Charges

  • Direct Debit is our preferred payment method, you can set it up anytime at
  • Electronic payments – Free
  • Payments made in person or by cheque – Extra $2.50 (some exemptions apply)
  • Paperless bills are free. A paper bill can be issued for $2.20 per copy sent (some exemptions apply)

Transferring to the nbn network

If the nbn network comes to your area and you wish to transfer to the nbn network with Telstra, we’ll take responsibility for managing your transfer to this new network. To do this, we’ll need your agreement and help to access your premises, and we’ll talk with you about installation requirements. We’ll work with you to make this as simple as possible. If you are moving your service(s) to Telstra then you should not request your legacy service(s) to be disconnected from your current provider until you have assurred yourself that your nbn service is operational.

If you don’t want to transfer to the nbn network, we’ll continue to provide your service up until we’re required to disconnect it as part of the migration to the nbn network. At this time we will cancel your services and no ETC will be charged. We’ll let you know the details before any changes happen.

We're here to help

If you have questions about your bill, technical support service or connection, please call us on 13 2000 or 133 677 (TTY). 

Complaints or disputes 

If you need to make a complaint you can:

  • call 13 2000 and say “complaint”
  • call your Account Representative if you have one.
  • visit

Further investigation 

If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact information go online at

This is a summary only. The full legal terms for this plan are available at

Notification of Telstra's Corporate Restructure

As you may already be aware, as part of a corporate restructure, your account and services will be transferred internally within the Telstra Group from Telstra Corporation Limited to Telstra Limited.  This won’t impact your account or services or how you contact us, and there’s nothing you need to do.  This change will take place on 1 January 2023. For updates on the restructure and more information or to contact us about this change, visit This message is from Telstra Corporation Limited and Telstra Limited.