Which Galaxy Z series is right for you?

Compare specs, plans and prices of the all-new Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phones.

What do both phones have in common?

They’re super speedy performers

Galaxy’s fastest chip ever is destined to turbocharge your 5G experience. And not one, but two batteries work together to deliver all-day longevity.

5G now rolling out in selected areas on selected plans.

They’re tougher than your average smartphone

Durability is woven into both the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. Just as well with everything modern life throws at us. Both phone screens come encased in the toughest Gorilla Glass® and have the strongest aluminium available on the market (7NO3) gracing the frame and hinge cover, so you know they're built to last. Got a habit of knocking your drink onto your phone? You’re not alone.

Spills and splashes will be a minor inconvenience thanks to their IPX8 rating for water protection, awarded for its ability to submerge to a depth of 1.5 metres in freshwater for 30 minutes (although we’d hope you’d realise that it was in water well before then). Gorilla Glass® is limited to the cover screen and back of the device, not the main screen.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G at a glance

High-tech improvements to both phones mean they’re now more durable than before. With extra built-in toughness, both models pack punchier productivity and entertainment features across their large screens - allowing you to see more, do more and experience more. And with Samsung’s new 30-day satisfaction guarantee program, your peace of mind is assured, too.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Described as the phone that’s changing the shape of the future, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is living up to its hype. It all starts with a display that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen from Samsung before.

Get ready to see things differently

Galaxy Z Fold3 delivers a vivid viewing experience from its dynamic Amoled 2X Screen with an impressive refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Pristine, full front 6.2-inch and folding inner 7.6-inch displays and high-quality stereo sound all combine harmoniously in a graceful transition from smartphone to cinematic-style experience. It’s the kind of feature that really will change the way you feel about your phone.

A hideaway hinge is just the beginning

It might seem weird to wax lyrical about a hinge but when it’s the main mechanism of a folding phone, you can see why. Crafted of ultra-tough stainless steel and covered in a light armour aluminium for added protection, this really is one sturdy (and good looking) hinge. Expect smooth folding and unfolding, over and over.

This phone is small enough to fit comfortably in your palm and slides into your pocket, easily.

S Pen compatible

You can now get a customised S Pen for your new Galaxy Fold3. If you love the tactility of holding a pen, then seeing your sketches digitally materialise and your handwritten notes magically become text, this is a must-have accessory. Of course, there are heaps of other things you can do with S Pen, including using it as a remote control, editing photos and videos – the list goes on.

S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro are sold separately.

Multitasks like a boss

Reading the news headlines, checking out your photo gallery, keeping your eye on the weather. The 7.6” display is almost tablet-like and designed to run multiple apps concurrently when it’s in Multi Active Window mode. In addition to switching apps with lightning speed, you can even split your screen to make a video call and take notes at the same time.

Certain apps may not support Multi Active Window.

Find your best angle and go for it

Everyone holds their phone differently. And therein lies the beauty of the Galaxy Z Fold3: you can fold it, flip it, stand it to suit your eye line, hands, light, or any other situation. That’s because the hands-free folding technology shoots photos and videos from angles that other smartphones simply can’t manage. When the camera is folded into Flex Mode, it works like a tripod (that just happens to fold away into your pocket). Simply pop it up onto a flat surface to take your shot. Going handsfree with Flex Mode on the main screen also allows you to try out hands-free video call with Google Duo.

Low light? No drama. Galaxy Z Fold captures crisp, true photos in any light. When the camera is in night mode, it auto-adjusts shutter speed and exposure for clearer pics when it’s dark. There’s also a function to help remove blurring caused by shaky hands.

Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC. Certain applications may not support Flex mode.

Three classic colours

Phantom Black
Phantom Silver
Phantom Green

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Billed as the ‘the full screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket’, the brand new Samsung Z Flip3 smartphone has flexible glass, a camera that stands by itself and long lasting dual batteries. All brought together by the speed of 5G.

5G now rolling out in selected areas on selected plans.

Designed to be different

Think of the Galaxy Z Flip3 as the sleek fashionista of smartphones. It's pocket and bag friendly and comes in four on-trend, two-tone colours that'll accessorise effortlessly with your look. 

It has an even bigger cover screen, allowing you to see more messages and notifications immediately. And just like the Galaxy Z Fold3, it delivers on the sizzle factor with ‘App Continuity’, which lets you tap your notifications and open them on the front screen when the phone is folded. Unfold your phone, and voila – your app is optimised on the bigger screen. It’s worth noting that this feature doesn’t work with all apps.

A display like no other

We think you’ll be dazzled by the Infinity Flex Display in Galaxy Z Flip3. It comes courtesy of the dynamic AMOLED 2x screen, designed to deliver crisp colour, while its blue light filter will help minimise eye strain.

Design-wise, everything’s been pared back with small bezels and notch to maximise its 6.7 inches of viewing (display is measured diagonally, excluding rounded corners).

Flex your photography muscle

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 includes Flex mode. You can use this to shoot photos and videos (and make hands-free video calls) even when it’s only halfway open. Thanks to cutting edge AI technology, the Single Take feature lets you capture photos, videos, and gifs all at once – in up to 14 different ways. The result is an amazing variety of media styles to upload instantly to your socials.

Flick into Night Mode for low-light shot brilliance – the shutter speed and exposure auto-adjust for crisper, truer images. With flex mode camera, you can turn your phone into a combined tripod and camera - just prop up your phone onto a flat surface. Helping you to capture crisp low light photos, it helps remove shake and blur. Shall we take a selfie? Even when your Galaxy Z Flip3 is folded, you’re good to go.

Music sounds better

You know that feeling you get when you play your music through great speakers and you fall in love with your playlist all over again? That’s what the Samsung Z Flip3 Dolby Atmos® stereo speakers do. With audio that moves all around you, you’ll be immersed in a soundscape that’s all your own. Just be sure that your music is Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X enabled for Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X.playback to get the full effect.

Flip over the gorgeous colour palette

Phantom Black

Ready for your new Galaxy Z Series 5G?

5G rolling out in selected areas on selected plans.


There’s a choice of bonus accessories with both smartphones. Select from a range of gift packs with accessories like Galaxy Buds, S Pen, bespoke covers, a stand, or a charger.

Both Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 phones have an IPX8 rating for water protection, awarded for its ability to submerge to a depth of 1.5 metres in freshwater for 30 minutes.

Both Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 phones have an IPX8 rating for water protection, awarded for its ability to submerge to a depth of 1.5 metres in freshwater for 30 minutes.