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Improve the way you work and connect

Telstra’s Next IP® Network is among the world’s most powerful and reliable. A network so powerful we rely upon it ourselves.


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Why VPN?

Utilise an IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is fully secure and reliable to keep your organisation connected. It’s like having your own private IP network without the costs of owning the network infrastructure yourself. Thousands of Australian organisations use our IP VPN solutions to drive their core business.

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Potential business impact

Reduced IT cost

Improved collaboration

Streamlined IT management

Increased capability

Help your organisation to get


Simple IP connectivity

Take the headache out of building an enterprise-grade network with a simple and integrated approach.

We give you the flexibility to use your compatible customer premises equipment (CPE), or purchase it and a network as managed.

secure connection

A secure connection throughout your network

Telstra is a leading security solutions provider to security-dependent businesses in the public and private sectors.

We have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to help your business communicate, collaborate and transact with enterprise-grade protection.


A solution to suit your budget

Our solutions are highly scalable and can be tailored to suit your budget, as well as networking, application and staff needs.

Help grow your business with advanced features such as class of service (CoS) as well as a compatible range of Telstra’s IP value added services(VAS)

trusted  solution

A trusted solution

The Telstra Next IP™ network core is the largest business network in Australia.

This intelligent IP network uses the latest technology to support a huge range of convergent applications and services by combining the flexibility of the internet, assured security and reliable network performance.

Our VPN solutions


Business IP
Ideal for larger organisations with complex needs. Business IP lets you share important information with the flexibility of the internet, while enjoying the reliability and security of a private network supported by us.

Business IP Data Sheet



Connect IP®
Connect IP lets you work more efficiently and reduce your communication costs with sophisticated data networking capabilities. This solution is ideal for small to medium-size businesses, plus smaller branch sites of enterprise and government organisations.

Connect IP Data Sheet



Our IP Metropolitan Area Network (IP MAN)
A flexible, high-speed data networking solution capable of interconnecting businesses in most metropolitan areas and a growing number of regional centres.

IP MAN brochure



A cost-effective and secure solution for interconnecting metropolitan, regional and rural offices with Telstra IP wide area networks.

IP WAN Data Sheet



Our IP VAS (value added services)
Help to secure your network against spam, malware and inappropriate content with our range of security features.

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