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Making sure it’s business as usual

Transition to the next generation
IP address protocol

Enable new capabilities with IPV6

IPv6 is in the process of replacing IPv4 as the next generation IP address protocol.

IPv4 is rapidly running out of capacity to keep up with the massive growth in connections and internet usage.

The transition to IPv6 is universal so it requires all IT suppliers and vendors to support the change.

It’s an important issue for large organisations and governments, including the Australian Government, who have already set mandates for compliance.

For some organisations, it can enable new capabilities and opportunities, yet for others it’s a necessary transition to help ongoing operational robustness.

From September 2016 onwards, Telstra will be enabling IPv6 on some Mobile services. 

We can assist with your transition to IPv6. Our approach is to operate a dual-stack solution, allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to co-exist.

This will help ensure that customers can migrate to IPv6 at their own pace, with minimal impact to services.

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Help your organisation to get


Minimised risk
Managing an IPv6 transition can be complex but we can help minimise the risk and help you ensure your networks continue to perform. We offer the latest network, architecture and solution expertise from designing, deploying, managing and improving some of the largest information, communication and technology environments in Australia.


Trouble-free transition
Dual stack technology means you can benefit from a smooth transition to IPv6 at your own pace. You’ll have continued service availability even as IPv4 addresses run out. We’ll continue to support IPv4 products with our services working seamlessly across both IPv4 and IPv6.


High-quality connectivity
Native IPv6 connectivity provides better performance than IPv6 tunnels and it leverages the Telstra Next IP® network (for IP VPN Customers).


Potential business impact


  • Business continuity
  • Ticking off government compliance
  • Reduced risk

Ideal for companies with

  • A need to transition protocols at your own pace
  • Growing or heavy internet requirements

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