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Turbo charge your critical applications

Dynamically adjust your network
to get peak application performance


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Optimise your network and applications

Enhancing your network to support increasing demands for collaboration and cloud based applications cannot simply be solved by continuously upgrading capacity.

Instead, manage your resources intelligently with Application Assured Networking™ (AAN).

Get detailed visibility of your network traffic and easily define application policies to optimise your network so that your applications perform at their peak.

Use AAN Reporting to visualise your network traffic, including identifying unwanted applications taking up bandwidth at peak periods.

  • Easily identify which applications drive peak traffic
  • Identify unwanted traffic by IP address
  • Sort VPN by highest utilised links
  • Track application performance

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Use the Policy Control function to optimise network resources and more efficiently and flexibly allocate resources as and when required.

  • Enable blocking policies for unwanted applications
  • Allocate QoS and increased bandwidth to critical applications at set periods
  • Schedule Reporting and ad-hoc events

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AAN consultancy service desk

Use the expertise of Australia’s largest network provider through the Consultancy Service Desk, which is included as part of your AAN subscription.

In addition to providing user training and assistance with interpreting your reports in the context of your business, our consultants can also help

  • Identify precisely which applications are causing network congestion
  • Create strategies to rebalance network traffic profiles
  • Create custom application signatures and reports

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Always on peak productivity

Allow business critical apps to always run at their peak

International consumer-brand company
This mid-size company often makes international conference calls at specific times during the day, and has experienced poor quality calls lately.

AAN Reporting showed high iTunes traffic at this time every morning, providing visibility of what applications were consuming network bandwidth, from which appropriate action could be taken.

Improved customer experience

Improve user experience through better visibility

Retail case study
End customers where complaining of slow in-store wifi connections, hampering their digital experience in the retail showroom.

AAN Reporting showed a Bit Torrent application intermittently using significant bandwidth, thus affecting the customer experience. Policy Control was then used to block this application and restore the wifi to its full capacity.

Control costs

Only pay for bandwidth when you need it

Education case study
Schools have very high traffic usage during the school term, with little to no traffic outside of term. This results in buying redundant bandwidth that isn’t used for at least 3 months of the year.

Rather than purchase permanent bandwidth to accommodate peak traffic, AAN Policy Control allowed the school to purchase additional bandwidth as and when required.

Ensured business continuity

Upgrade your business without slowing it down

Call center case study
Call Centre application upgrades sometimes need to be scheduled during business hours, at the same time as expected high call volumes on a shared data and voice network.

Policy Control was used to boost network bandwidth during the 2 hour rollout period, ensuring sufficient bandwidth for both the software upgrade and normal business functions, without having to buy permanent bandwidth.

See Application Assured Networking in action

See Application Assured Networking in action at the Sydney or Melbourne Customer Insight Centre (CIC).

We can also setup a 3 month trial of AAN so that you can run AAN Reporting, Policy Control and access our Consultancy Service Desk to see first-hand the benefits to your business.

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