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Improve the way you work and connect

Telstra’s Next IP® Network is among the world’s most powerful and reliable. A network so powerful we rely upon it ourselves.


Next IP® e-book

Whether fixed or mobile, private or public, your network connects your people, resources, products, services and customers. That makes it as fundamental to the success of your business as the products and services you create.

Your business needs a network that enables you to seize opportunities quickly in both local and global markets, while maximising resources.

Telstra’s Dynamic Network is designed to respond rapidly to your business needs. You can scale bandwidth in real-time to support business performance. Extend your reach. Or consolidate network services for efficiency.

Plus, with connectivity, managed services and security from a single, trusted provider, you can free your business and focus on what you do best.

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This enables employees to interact with each other as though they were in the same building.


Point to Point

Ideal if you require cost-effective, dedicated high-bandwidth optical services to run critical applications.


Internet services

This network solution provides a high-performance and commercial-grade connection through the public internet.



IPv6 will soon replace IPv4. We’re thoroughly prepared for this with our dual-stack approach.


Application Assured Networking

Use network-centric assurance to optimise your network and ensure applications perform at peak.


Cloud gateway

Gives you secure, reliable and high-speed access to third-party clouds over a private network.


Satellite services

Communicate reliably with remote workforces anywhere in Australia


Programmable Network

A software defined network that will adapt quickly, learn to improve performance, and evolve to suit your business