How robust is your network?

There are times when you may need to conduct a review of your network infrastructure – perhaps due to changes in the way people work, or the applications used within your IT environment. Here is how we can help you.

Keep your network in good shape

The ongoing success of your business may often depend on its network infrastructure. So it’s important to conduct periodic reviews of your network performance.

For example, a review might be needed if you’ve made changes to how your people work, or the applications used within your IT environment. Or perhaps you’re making the transition to cloud services, or adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. In these and many other instances, your business could benefit from a network assessment by our expert team.

Our Network Health Check is an important first step towards improving your network’s design, security, performance and management.

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Our Network Health Check is a multi-faceted service. We’ll start by conducting workshops with your key stakeholders, to discover your current and future requirements. We’ll also install an unobtrusive network assessment appliance, and provide detailed analysis of the resulting data. Our overall findings will then be compiled into an Assessment Report.

You also have the option to choose from two additional reviews. As part of these reviews, we’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your network environment and selected applications.

Network Application Review


  • physical and logical topology
  • traffic flow and resiliency
  • top delays, conversations and hosts
  • bottlenecks
  • and a range of other factors. 

Network Performance Review


  • deploying a network level application behavioural analytic system
  • a test plan to isolate and identify issues
  • analysing network and traffic flow
  • and a range of other factors.

With our Network Health Check, you’ll benefit from the services of our skilled professional teams, cutting-edge capabilities and proven methodologies. Australia-wide, we have over 900 people, qualified with all major certifications and accreditations. All work is performed to industry best practice and aligned with major standards for security, quality management, and customer service.

This service is just one of the elements in our end-to-end approach. You can call upon our expertise for all your networking requirements. We’ll guide you carefully through the earliest strategy and planning phases – followed by a meticulous approach to all phases of design, development, build and deployment. Once your network is up and running, we’ll work closely with you to help with its operation and management. 

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You’ll gain insights into identified issues, and ways you can improve end-user experience, including an overview of your:

  • Existing network, application and IT environment documentation
  • As-built network documents
  • Previous testing procedures and results set (where applicable)
  • Network (existing or future) and application requirements
  • List of selected applications and their known associated hosts
  • Installation details for potential network analytical appliance
  • Onsite access to selected data centres/sites
  • List of subnets for each site

Our final report will help you establish a baseline for the performance of key applications. You’ll be in an excellent position to consider next steps for making network changes or improvements.

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