A single view of your network.

Reducing network management complexity for the Resources sector.


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Your foundation for efficiency and innovation

Automation. Sensors. The Internet of Things. Video surveillance. All have brought strong benefits to the resources sector but they’ve also introduced layers of complexity to IT management and ruggedized industrial networks. The challenge is to maintain end-to-end visibility and reliability of these networks when many mining companies have two or three differing networks; none of which talk to each other. That’s where Telstra Resources Network Management can help.   

Taking care of your network from end to end

Telstra Resources Network Management gives resources organisations a single view of their network and all connected equipment and devices, making it easy to oversee operations. Importantly it is managed 24/7 by expert teams that understand the complexities of the resources sector.


Reduce growing network management complexity

A single view across a reliable and secure network.


Reduce costs to operate

Lower total cost of ownership of critical network infrastructure.


Minimise risk and ensure business continuity

Real-time notifications to your staff and prioritised issue resolution.


Scalability and flexibility

Standard or custom Service Level Agreements to suit your needs.


Outsource management capability and focus on core business

Focus on efficiency and innovation with the benefit of complete management oversight.


Engage one supplier

One supplier to manage services and integrate and manage third party vendor SLAs.

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