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Streamline complex network environments.

Our enterprise-grade service will help to manage your network devices, carriage services and application performance.

Let our experts take care of your network

Take the strain out of managing complex networks

With any large enterprise, chances are your network environment is complex and incorporates a mix of technologies and partners. Your current approach may be stretching resources, while not delivering optimum results.

There is a better way.
Integrated Operations Management (IOM) is our managed network service for large enterprises with complex and hybrid technology environments.

IOM integrates with your existing processes, and simplifies the managing of multiple vendors, carriers, technologies and applications.

You’ll get actionable insights into your network environment – both locally and globally.

Flexible end-to-end management
The service can integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, and works with compatible IP devices from different vendors.

We provide end-to-end management, alerting and reporting, and handle all your eligible Telstra and third party solutions from a single service desk. You still retain control of governance and strategic planning.

A solid foundation for your networking environment
Integrated Operations Management gives you the tools to proactively address your daily operations. It provides a solid foundation to improve network operations, application uptime and user experience.

This is a true enterprise-grade service to manage your network devices, carriage and application performance.

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Help your organisation to get


Improved end user experience of applications
Advanced network tools provide deep-packet analysis of traffic across agreed services – so you can take fast action to improve application and data availability.


Streamlined support
Simplify support for large, complex or hybrid applications and infrastructure, through a single point of responsibility.


The best technology fit
IOM can work with your existing compatible network devices from most leading technology vendors.


Continuous improvement
Defined programs of improvement based on constant service monitoring can reduce inefficiencies and enhance overall operations.


Proactive support
Anticipating problem areas and implementing solutions before your end-users are affected.


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Greatly increased control
  • Proactively identify & respond to issues
  • Streamlined management

Ideal for companies with

  • 300 + IP network enabled devices

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