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There’s no one better to provide telecommunications
expense management than Telstra

Don't let costs control you

See how Integrated Expense Management puts you back in charge. This interactive video shows you how you can streamline your telecoms expenses with our customisable solutions.

Streamline your telecoms expenses

Integrated Expense Management provides the tools you need to understand and manage your Telstra services. It’s designed to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce spend, and give you more time to focus on your core business.

Our range of customisable solutions includes:

Bill Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insight into your telecommunication invoices. Access detailed billing data, reports and graphs to view your entire company’s costs, or enjoy precise expense analysis down to the department and its individual employees. Select self-serve, managed reporting or analytics solutions to customise your Integrated Expense Management.

T Analyst Personalised Services

We can tailor a T Analyst solution to meet your individual needs. Get face-to-face, customised training using your billing data and help with migration and set-up of hierarchy, cost centres and allocation of accounts and services. You’ll also receive support for multiple T Analyst reports – custom and managed.

Consulting Services

Optimise your expense management environment to suit your requirements. Our specialised telecommunication knowledge will identify process improvements and increase efficiency, productivity and staff skills, and we can even entirely manage your telecoms expenses.

Asset and Invoice Lifecycle Management

Simplify your expense management on a range of Telstra services, and get expert support along with the advantage of our partner’s advanced solutions. We provide invoice and asset management, bill reporting, analytics and ordering exception management, plus flexible rate plan optimisation that can evolve along with your business.


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Help your organisation to get


Detailed cost analysis
Implement policy controls to increase transparency of Telstra telecommunications spend and control costs with our expense management and asset management services.


Increased efficiency
Gain greater insight with a range of detailed, customisable reporting and usage analytics across your entire organisation, streamlining your bill management processes and increasing efficiency.


More time for top priorities
Save time by reducing inefficient procedures and give your employees the right support and training so they can deliver more value to your company.


Expert support
Choose from short or long term access to our telecommunications expertise, as flexibility of service is especially valuable during organisational change, mergers and acquisitions.


Tailored services
Our services can be customised depending on your requirements, giving you better returns on your telecommunications investment.


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Gain insight into your telecommunication invoices
  • Optimise your expense management environment
  • Simplify your expense management

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