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Additional support for your IT department

Our integrated services help your IT department streamline its operations, operate more efficiently and fix problems when they arise.

Create a consistent experience for your customers

Your end users expect everything to work at all times, and an immediate fix if there’s a problem. To meet demands and stay competitive, your IT department needs to operate efficiently while also innovating and growing.

Integrated Services will help improve the service experience while also streamlining how your IT department works. We use IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management that is responsive, reliable and relevant. We can also help you manage your complex and hybrid technology environment, or help you to devise or execute your technology and business transformation roadmap.

However you use our integrated services, you can benefit from quality outcomes that focus on continuous improvement. We’ll help empower your IT department so they can deliver real strategic significance.

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Service management

Set up a consistent service experience by extending your Service Desk to provide unified management across multiple Telstra and third-party products.


Operations management

Gain comprehensive service and operations management support, customised for your organisation. This suits a large enterprise with a complex or hybrid network environment.


Integrated expense management

Improve your telecoms expense management to provide insight, assist in increasing efficiency, and manage costs.


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