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Manage mobile devices with ease

Empower your workforce through their mobile devices.

Streamline and save time with one convenient portal

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets, plus growing numbers of staff who access corporate data through BYOD is a challenge for any enterprise.

As staff demand more functionality from their mobile devices when out of the office, it's harder to ensure corporate data remains secure, while device management is becoming more complex and time-consuming.

That's where our Mobile Device Management can help. It’s easy to deploy, means you don’t have to run costly in-house systems, and means less time configuring staff devices.

From one convenient portal, you can perform a wide range of administrative functions (depending on the type of device) whenever you're in a Telstra Mobile Network or Wi-Fi coverage area.

There are no software or maintenance fees. You simply need to purchase an eligible Telstra plan for each compatible device and/or purchase client access licences (for individually owned or Wi-Fi only devices).

And we’ll continue to update functions as new devices are released and capabilities improve.

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Help your organisation to get


Mobile device management
Core management capabilities including device enrolment, IT policies and reporting.


Mobile application management
Create and manage an enterprise app catalog and push applications to users.


Application wrapping
Place in-house apps in their own encrypted container and allow them access to company resources.


Secure browser
A configurable browser that allows you to define bookmarks and blacklist webpages.


Application scanning
A security scan for applications uploaded onto the T-MDM platform before they are pushed to devices.


Content locker view
Keep sensitive documents and files secure in their own container.


Ideal for

  • Better security for BYOD
  • Less in house management time
  • Lower costs – no maintenance fees
  • A mobile workforce, increasingly using BYOD