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Redeploy in-house IT resources to focus on business critical projects while we take care of procuring hardware and accessories, provisioning, activation and repairing your corporate and BYO mobile devices.

We’ll provide detailed asset reporting information including device type and location that imparts a view around what is connected to your IT infrastructure, which is essential for security and auditing purposes.

Engage us for:

  • Procurement and activation. We procure and activate your devices, including pre-building and shipping to your end users
  • Device pool management. Your device pool will be managed and maintained each month with full fleet inventory reporting
  • Device swap (repair/replace). Unserviceable devices will be swapped with pre-activated, tested devices that are ready for use and all managed with reverse logistics
  • Asset Management. A comprehensive device inventory database will be maintained from procurement through to completion of each device’s life


Additional services such as device leasing, buyback and secure device disposal and recycling are also available with Device Procurement services.


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