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An incredible change has impacted enterprises with the influx of apps being used to get work done on corporate and personal mobile smart devices and tablets. 

We can help you manage the complexity of keeping public and corporate apps safe and secure. Our Managed App Service (MAS) incorporates app procurement, deployment and release, configuration, security, reporting, compliance, testing and support.


Engage us for

Public App Store Management

We’ll work with you to define a policy around how public apps should be managed on your fleet of devices. 

Enterprise App Management Services

We’ll work with your app developers to bridge the Managed Service gap and ensure your apps are deployed correctly, maintained, and meet corporate compliance.  We can also provide effective support to your end users, with local support 24/7.

App Reputation Scanning

We have access to the industry’s most advanced app risk behavioural engine, a growing database of over three million analysed iOS and Android apps, and the easiest, most complete enterprise risk management workflow.  We’ll build the appropriate policy and provide regular reporting on risky apps that are installed on your corporate and BYO devices connected to business environments. 


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