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Securing your connected business

Secure sensitive M2M data with our M2M VPN, adding an extra layer of
protection, over and above your existing security - with versatile, scalable and
cost-efficient data transmission protection across your fleet of M2M devices.

Simple, flexible and affordable security

As the scale of interconnected IoT and M2M devices increases, so does the complexity of information security. If you want to protect data in transit across your fleet of M2M devices, our wireless M2M Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides scalable, fully encrypted security at the transmission level.

The service has its own virtual network, dedicated to connecting your M2M devices to your central IT environment through a private Access Point Names (APNs).

It’s also cost effective to implement and, with no network maintenance costs, highly efficient to run - ensuring communication with each M2M device is kept secure.

Our wireless M2M VPN will soon also be available for use with our IoT Platform.

M2M VPN Service

Getting started

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Help your organisation

One M2M VPN service can support more than 10,000 services on the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre.

  Simplified services
Up to five unique APNs within one M2M VPN service to simplify the management of your M2M services.

  A more secure connection throughout your M2M solution
IP protocols encrypt data from the device to the backend to create a more secure connection through the internet.

Use the M2M VPN Solution with all your Telstra M2M wireless telemetry services, regardless of platform.

  World-class connection technology
Have your devices connected to Australia’s largest mobile network – the Telstra Mobile Network or the Telstra fixed network.

  More reliable IP connectivity on our Next IP® network
Higher levels of service and stability through built-in functionality and performance managing.

  End-to-end support
A 24/7 online and over-the-phone help desk provides a single contact point for all your network support requirements.

Potential business impact

  • Track and count everything, greatly reduce waste, loss and cost
  • Know when things are at their best or when they have been impacted by external factors
  • Monitor critical events or alarms to be able to act decisively

Ideal for companies with

  • Transmission of sensitive data
  • Business critical applications
  • Aggregating different types of IP data access options

How it works

Workflow example for the Telstra VPN Network for Iot device security