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Australia’s largest IoT footprint.

In an Australian first, Telstra has activated Category M1 (Cat M1) IoT technology on our 4GX sites on the Telstra Mobile Network.

We have also enabled coverage extension  - which means we can offer wider coverage of around 3 million sq. km for compatible Cat M1 devices, and coverage that penetrates far deeper into buildings and sub-surface areas than 4G coverage has ever reached before.

Cat M1 technology, devices and plans make large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that use small amounts of data more economical than ever before.

Cat M1 Coverage on the Telstra IoT network

Cat M1 offers significant advantages




Better coverage

Extended coverage and depth (in-building and sub-surface areas) to reach challenging locations


Reduced cost

Reduced upfront device costs combined with new data plans for lower ongoing costs



Extended battery life

Low power operation means device battery life is measured in years rather than hours and days


Massive scale

Built to support millions of connected devices

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