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  • Australia’s Largest IoT Network

    The Telstra IoT Network offers a range of network technologies to connect a range of use cases within your business.

    Leveraging our mobile network infrastructure, our Cellular Low Power Wide Area Networks (Cellular LPWANs) are built specifically for scaled IoT deployments to give you better, cost-efficient coverage - even in challenging locations that high bandwidth technologies may not reach.

    LTE-M coverage on the Telstra IoT Network

    Also known as the Cat M1 Network, Telstra offers around 3 million square km of LTE-M coverage for Cat M1 devices.

    IoT is now accessible at scale with Cat M1 and NB-IoT




    Better coverage

    Extended coverage and depth (in-building and sub-surface areas) to reach challenging locations


    Reduced cost

    Reduced upfront device costs combined with new data plans for lower ongoing costs



    Extended battery life

    Low power operation means device battery life is measured in years rather than hours and days


    Massive scale

    Built to support millions of connected devices

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