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Ignite teamwork

Speed up projects with one virtual place to meet, share ideas and unify workflows across the globe through Cisco Webex Teams all-in-one business collaboration and conferencing app.



Collaboration couldn't be simpler

Today, teams are increasingly dispersed. You need a more open environment across locations and devices, where collaboration occurs in the moment and integrates with workflows.

With Cisco Webex Teams you can connect people and ideas through virtual meeting rooms in the cloud.

Move beyond the limitations of e-mail, fragmented work processes and separated teams. Unify your people and ideas virtually, to communicate and work on documents in real time, or create a seamless workflow before, during and after meetings.

Distributed teams can now collaborate more effectively, make faster decisions and accelerate projects – all from just about anywhere in the world, on any internet-enabled device.

With the Cisco Webex Teams app, there’s no need for costly equipment, dedicated networks, or IT teams to manage infrastructure. It's that simple.

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Ignite teamwork with Cisco Webex Teams

Work in a collaborative and continuous stream

Ignite teamwork with Cisco Webex Teams

Complete, unified collaboration

We’ve integrated our core Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Jabber with Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, via Cisco Webex Hybrid Services and Cloud Connected Audio Service Provider. It’s all underpinned by our global IP and SIP Connect networks with functionality natively integrated into our networks, giving you a consistent, high-quality experience.

Benefit from complete and unified collaboration, with presence, instant and persistent messaging, content sharing, calling, video conferencing and advanced meeting experiences.

Full integration across platforms, applications, devices and networks

Continuous Teamwork with Cisco Webex Teams

Continuous Teamwork with Cisco Webex Teams

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Access an unlimited number of virtual rooms in the Cisco cloud and share projects through Webex Teams. Conversations are in one place and in the context of your projects, so it's easier for everyone to collaborate. Work together via persistent messaging, file and screen sharing, voice calls and simple video meetings.

It's easy to integrate Webex Teams business tools like contacts, calendars, and other common applications. Avoid duplication and complex processes, and streamline work flows using Bots. You can also connect all of your meeting areas, from small huddle spaces to dedicated video meeting rooms with a Webex Teams-enabled video end point.


Boost teamwork

Help everyone contribute and stay up to date in their own time.

Enhance productivity

Create continuous workflows before, during and after a meeting across devices.

Make quicker decisions

Bring the whole team together on the latest thinking to speed projects.

Connect globally

Work together across multiple locations with secure internet access.

Streamline processes

Integrate other tools and automate workflows through Bots.

Run lean

Mainly app-based, cloud-hosted and internet-delivered, Webex Teams is easy to set up and use.

Stay secure

Have the assurance of Single Sign-On and end-to-end data encryption.

Unify collaboration on one app

Integrate voice calling with messaging and meeting with Cisco Webex Hybrid Services.


How it works

Cisco Collaboration Cloud connects people and ideas through virtual meeting rooms in the cloud

Connect people and ideas through virtual meeting rooms in the cloud to work on documents and associated messages in the context of a specific project via Webex Teams app or client. The virtual meeting rooms can be securely accessed across the globe over the internet, with no VPN required.


  • Cisco® Collaboration Cloud. Webex Teams services are hosted securely in the Cisco cloud while media and key management servers are in the Telstra cloud. This provides a high-quality audio and video while providing in-country key management services.

  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution and Jabber. Has been integrated with Cisco Webex Teams via the Cisco Collaboration Cloud and our secure global data networks providing a full suite of rich voice, video, presence, and IP communications tools across multiple devices.

  • Cisco Webex Teams. Collaborate on a range of compatible mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows and MAC OS).

  • Cisco Webex Teams Desktop Client. Switch between mobile devices and desktops and use the same interface as the app.

  • Desk Phone. Cisco Webex Teams app with your Cisco desk phone so you can easily switch between them.

  • Cisco Webex Teams Meeting Rooms – add on. Video-enable meeting areas with a monitor or display and a Webex Teams-registered end point. Escalate to physical meetings in a flash and use your mobile as the room remote with the app.

  • Cisco Webex Board. Meet, screen share and use digital whiteboarding with teams wherever they are, with this multitouch-based, big 4K screen device.

  • App Integration. Connect Cisco Webex Teams to almost any tool, or do custom integrations with Cisco Webex Teams APIs at the Cisco Webex Teams for Developers portal.


Why Telstra?

why telstra

We offer a complete and fully managed Telstra Collaboration with Cisco suite delivered from the secure Telstra cloud across our global IP networks with SIP Connect. This provides fully integrated voice, video and collaboration to simplify and support the way you work. Enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience wherever you are, or aspire to be. Ongoing innovation delivers the best and latest capabilities, and solutions are continually measured and optimised to ensure peak performance.

Cisco Alliance puts you ahead

Our strategic alliance with Cisco enables you to access Cisco’s ground-breaking global technologies designed for peak performance on our networks.

Experience you can depend on

We have vast experience in successfully delivering cloud collaboration solutions, with over 270,000 endpoints deployed in the last 10 years. We know what's coming next and can best position you for success.

Safe access more of the time

High security allows your employees to connect securely via the internet while superior service assurance helps ensure they do so more of the time.

We make it simple for you

Begin and end with one provider and one point of contact, without the hassle of managing additional suppliers. Have the assurance of dedicated helpdesk support through Telstra, backed by Cisco’s 24/7 support team.

A better mobile experience

The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia's largest and fastest mobile network. Our network strength helps you take full advantage of Cisco Webex Teams mobile collaboration capabilities in more places.

Connect easily, globally

Intelligent, secure and globally-connected wireless and IP networks expands your global collaboration tools, with exceptional support for high-speed, always-on operations.

A strategic partnership backed by industry awards

Best Meetings (Video & Conferencing)

Cisco - Collaboration Summit Awards


Architectual Excellence Partner of the Year

Cisco - Partner Summit Awards


UC-as-a-Service Total Solution Provider of the Year

Frost and Sullivan - Asia Pacific ICT Awards



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