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Extend and empower teamwork

Empower staff with complete, modern collaboration tools on a single app. Use Cisco Webex Hybrid Services to integrate calendars, contacts, and enterprise calling for a seamless end user and administrator experience. Message, meet, call, whiteboard, create and share.

Collaborate with ease

Improving team efficiency is a priority for every business with dispersed, mobile or time-poor staff.

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services can be connected with Webex Teams, Webex Meetings and Hosted Collaboration Solution and Jabber from Telstra to provide a single and integrated experience. It helps improve team efficiencies and boost productivity, simply and effectively. Staff can easily message, meet, call and work together using complete, modern collaboration tools, all from a single app. There’s no need to switch applications or devices and it offers the convenience of one number across all compatible Cisco phones.

Use Webex Hybrid Services for an even better end user experience, and offering administrators greater visibility and control.

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How it works

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services delivers true enterprise calling capability by linking Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution and Jabber with Webex Teams via Telstra's cloud collaboration platform and secure global data networks. This transforms an app into a full enterprise-grade software client. It enables integrated calling with direct links to your existing communication systems, with effortless switching between communication modes. And the ability to reach out to the world.

Benefit from cloud-based voice and video calling, Cisco Jabber or Webex Teams collaboration tools for 1:1 or team chat, file sharing and basic meetings or advanced meetings with Cisco Webex Meetings - all in one ecosystem.


Cisco Webex hybrid services - how it works

Complete, unified collaboration

We’ve integrated our collaboration suite of services with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Jabber, Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Webex Hybrid Services, all via Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP)

It’s designed to offer you complete and integrated experiences across your presence, instant and persistent messaging, as well as content sharing, calling, video conferencing and advanced meetings.

Underpinned by our global IP and SIP Connect networks, functionality is natively integrated to give you a consistent, high-quality experience every time.

Cisco spark hybrid services - cloud calling and business messaging integration



A seamless and more organised user experience including instant desktop sharing, integration of calendar and contacts directory, and scheduling of meetings from your mobile.


Empower staff

Meet, message, call, whiteboard, create and share from one app.

Simplify user experience

Be more organised and easily switch between communication modes.

Improve reachability

Have one number, simultaneous ring, and integration with call queues.

Enhance collaboration

Instantly share desktops with one click with other Cisco Webex Teams users.

Easy scheduling

Integrate the solution with existing calendar and contact applications.

Go global

Enjoy a consistent experience wherever you do business.

Simplify management

Give administrators more control over a dispersed workforce.

Control security

Manage your own Single Sign-On for Cisco Webex Teams and Active Directory Federation Services.



Take advantage of a range of services that can be deployed together or individually.


Hybrid Call Service

Integrate your existing Cisco HCS and Jabber service Webex Teams. Use functions like simultaneous ring, mobile audio and video calling, instant desktop sharing, call queues, video device calling and unified call history.

Hybrid Calendar Service

Integrate your on-site Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar with Cisco Webex Teams. You can also schedule and join meetings quickly and easily via a calendar app.

Hybrid Directory Service

Connect Microsoft Active Directory to Cisco Webex Teams to see company contacts in the Cisco Webex Teams app. Contacts are always current with automatic syncing between Active Directory and Cisco Webex Teams.

Hybrid Identity Management Service

Provides a secure Single Sign-On for Cisco Webex Teams and your Active Directory Federation Services. You enjoy full security while keeping and managing your own access keys on-site.


Why Telstra?

Why telstra for Cisco Webex Hybrid services?

We offer a complete and fully managed Telstra Collaboration with Cisco suite delivered from the secure Telstra cloud across our global IP networks with SIP Connect. This provides fully integrated voice, video and collaboration to simplify and support the way you work. Enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience wherever you are, or aspire to be. Ongoing innovation delivers the best and latest capabilities, and solutions are continually measured and optimised to ensure peak performance.

Cisco Alliance puts you ahead

Our strategic alliance with Cisco enables you to access Cisco’s ground-breaking global technologies designed for peak performance on our networks.

Experience you can depend on

We have vast experience in successfully delivering cloud collaboration solutions, with over 270,000 endpoints deployed in the last 10 years. We know what's coming next and can best position you for success.

Safe access more of the time

High security allows your employees to connect securely via the internet while superior service assurance helps ensure they do so more of the time.

We make it simple for you

Begin and end with one provider and one point of contact, without the hassle of managing additional suppliers. Have the assurance of dedicated helpdesk support through Telstra, backed by Cisco’s 24/7 support team.

A better mobile experience

The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia's largest and fastest mobile network. Our network strength helps you take full advantage of Cisco Webex Teams mobile collaboration capabilities in more places.

Connect easily, globally

Intelligent, secure and globally-connected wireless and IP networks expands your global collaboration tools, with exceptional support for high-speed, always-on operations.


More on Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services from Telstra Datasheet


Ready to do more?

Work in a virtual space, in real time, using a single app. Integrate existing tools and platforms with more on Cisco Webex Hybrid services for true collaboration.


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