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Transfer your data securely to the cloud

Get your cloud up and running by transferring your data to your virtual servers yourself over the internet or private network. If your data is 100GB or more, you may save time by using our easy-to-use data import service.

You can request the data import service at any time through the management console. Submit the data import request form and we'll send you a storage device.

Load data from your current network to the device using the encryption tools provided and send it back to us. We'll then connect the device to the cloud, ready for you to transfer your encrypted data to your virtual server through our secure internal networks.

This service is only available to customers based in Australia who want to transfer their data to and from Australian virtual data centres.


Item Price (plus GST)
Storage device $500 per storage device (up to 3TB)*

*Storage devices come pre-formatted and configured. Actual storage capacity may vary according to formatting and configuration.

How it works

Our data import service is a quick and cost-efficient way to transfer large amounts of data into the cloud.

Using the service is easy.


Step 1 – Select the add-on

Request a data import at any time once you're up and running through the management console.

Step 2 - Tell us about your data

Using the online request form, let us know how many devices you need.


Step 3 - A storage device will be sent to you

We will send a storage device configured for your network to your nominated address within Australia.


Step 4 – Upload your data to the storage device

We will provide you with a user guide to help you encrypt and upload your data to the storage device.


Step 5 – Send the storage device back to us

The cost to send the storage device is included in the storage device fee.


Step 6 – Upload your data to the cloud

We'll scan and connect your device to your cloud service. You can then quickly and easily upload the data yourself.

We'll then disconnect the device and remove your data within five business days from initially connecting it to your cloud service.


Telstra Next IP® network connections

Telstra customers based in Australia can access virtual servers using Telstra Next IP® network connection – Business IP, Connect IP or IP MAN.

How to connect – request through the management console.

Global IP VPN connection

Telstra's international customers can access virtual servers using a Global IP VPN connection. A Global IP VPN connection, which provides an international solution to connect to more locations, with over 1,400 access points in 230 countries, including extensive in-country reach in key Asian markets.

How to connect – request through the management console.


IPsec VPN offers permanent, site-to-site connectivity to your virtual servers connected to your private cloud network.

Customise IPsec security to match your needs.

Use up to three IPsec VPN secure network tunnels at one time.

There's a small set-up fee to configure each connection. An hourly usage fee is charged for the time each tunnel is configured.

All IPsec VPN traffic is counted as part of your plan's internet usage - additional excess usage charges apply.

Price (plus GST)

Set-up fee $0
Usage fee $0

How to connect – request through the management console.

VLAN extension

VLAN Extension allows you to extend a subnet between your own network environment and Telstra cloud infrastructure, greatly simplifying server migration and enabling hybrid cloud environments.

Connection is via a point-to-point VLAN Extension tunnel, over your Telstra Next IP® network.

VLAN Extension can extend subnets between Telstra cloud infrastructure and any site connected to your Telstra Next IP® network, including third-party data centres or co-location facilities.

Available only with Telstra's Australian virtual data centres.

Price (plus GST)

Set-up fee $600 per tunnel $100 per extended subnet Contact your Telstra representative or Cisco reseller for device pricing
Usage fee $600 per monthper tunnel $100 per month, per extended subnet $100 per gateway change $350 per scheduled gateway change

How to connect – request VLAN Extension through the management console.


SMTP mail replay

All outbound email traffic originating from mail servers operating within the cloud will be required to be sent through our SMTP mail relay service. SMTP mail relay is charged per month based on the number of email messages sent.

Price (plus GST)

Set-up fee $0
Usage fee $0.0015 per email

How to use – configure your application using our SMTP mail relay details (which you'll be sent when your cloud solution is up and running). You'll be automatically charged for any emails sent through our servers.

Load balancers

Want to optimise your network connection? Control network traffic by modifying, removing or adding as many load balancers as you want to both your private and public networks. Don't worry about extra fees – load balancer services are included in your plan.

Price (plus GST)

Set-up fee $0
Usage fee $0

How to use – add load balancers through the management console


Managed WAN optimisation

After a faster cloud experience? We've traditionally offered Managed WAN Optimisation to help applications respond faster between your data centres and business sites. Now you can experience improved performance between your premises and our infrastructure.

How does it work?

  • Backed by Riverbed WAN Optimisation technologies, we provide a virtual WAN Optimiser on our cloud infrastructure platform in Australia, which can connect to either a managed virtual or physical appliance on your premises. If you already have a Managed WAN Optimisation solution, the cloud add-on can be added to it.
  • This service is an ideal way to experience the benefits of cloud infrastructure and WAN Optimisation, and it's a great low-risk start to virtualising your network functions in a managed cloud environment.
  • You can also make the move to our cloud infrastructure without impacting application performance.
  • Managed WAN Optimisation already works for thousands of business sites around Australia - the natural extension of this is being able to manage virtual appliances on any platform.
  • You can save on hardware costs, consolidate infrastructure and improve on your staff and customer experience


Do you need to restrict certain access and traffic into your network? Create firewalls to control traffic through your internet connection and/or private cloud network.

You can configure a single firewall to protect multiple virtual servers.

Item Price (plus GST)
Set-up fee $50 per firewall
Usage fee $0.06 per firewall per hour
Purchased through the Cloud Services management console

Internet protection


Keep spam, viruses and inappropriate content off your network. Choose to have anti-virus and anti-spam filtering software applied to virtual servers connected to the internet and hosted mail servers. The software scans incoming emails to detect spam and viruses.


Want to protect your business against known and emerging viruses and web threats? We provide fully managed web filtering and security to ensure world-class protection against malware, spyware and viruses. Web filtering can be applied to virtual servers connected to the internet and hosted proxy servers.


Resources Item Set-up fees
(plus GST)
Monthly fees
(plus GST)
1 to 25 users $75 (per domain) $3.94 (per user)
26 to 100 users $75 (per domain) $3.71 (per user)
101 to 500 users $75 (per domain) $3.10 (per user)
501 to 2,500 users $75 (per domain) $2.29 (per user)
2,501+ users $75 (per domain) $1.68 (per user)
Web internet
1 to 250 users $1,015 (per data centre site) $6.16 (per user)
251 to 400 users $1,810 (per data centre site) $4.17 (per user)
401 to 750 users $1,810 (per data centre site) $3.77 (per user)
751 to 2,500 users $3,225 (per data centre site) $3.61 (per user)
2,501+ users Price on application Price on application
(email and
1 to 250 users $1,187 (per data centre site) $7.88 (per user)
251 to 400 users $2,025 (per data centre site) $5.65 (per user)
401 to 750 users $1,966 (per data centre site) $5.06 (per user)
751 to 2,500 users $3,500 (per data centre site) $4.85 (per user)
2,501+ users Price on application Price on application
Internet protection is only available for virtual data centres in Australia.

Vulnerability discovery

Resources Item Set-up fees
(plus GST)
Weekly scan fee
(plus GST)
Monthly scan fee
(plus GST)
1 to 5 IP addresses $0 $544 $382
6 to 10 IP addresses $0 $693 $443
11 to 20 IP addresses $0 $779 $508
21 to 30 IP addresses $0 $934 $621
31 to 40 IP addresses $0 $967 $655
41 to 50 IP addresses $0 $1,143 $710
51 to 60 IP addresses $0 $1,273 $770
61 to 70 IP addresses $0 $1,423 $863
71 to 80 IP addresses $0 $1,601 $970
81 to 90 IP addresses $0 $1,815 $1,096
91 to 100 IP addresses $0 $1,868 $1,190
101 to 200 IP addresses $0 $2,403 $1,655
201 to 300 IP addresses $0 $2,867 $1,876
301 to 400 IP addresses $0 $3,308 $2,124
401 to 500 IP addresses $0 $3,644 $2,339
501 to 600 IP addresses $0 $3,867 $2,527
601 to 700 IP addresses $0 $4,146 $2,693
701 to 800 IP addresses $0 $4,318 $2,841
801 to 900 IP addresses $0 $4,555 $2,973
901 to 1,000 IP addresses $0 $4,774 $3,171
1,001+ IP addresses $0 Price on application Price on application
How to buy — contact your Telstra representative or contact us on 1800 620 345.
Vulnerability Discovery is only available for virtual data centres in Australia.


A secure client-to-site network tunnel, SSL VPN enables remote access to the management console using Telstra's SSL virtual private network connectivity. Easily access the console through your preferred web browser – no matter where you're located.

Item Price (plus GST)
Set-up fee $0
Usage fee $0
Purchased through the Cloud Services management console