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  • Better performance through compute hardware dedicated to your use

    Scale up, scale down

    The solution is flexible. Hardware can be added or removed on request and blades can be virtualised into multiple virtual servers.

    This means you can deploy powerful computing resources without the expense and complications of internal provisioning, and services can be switched off and on as needed.

    Choose virtual servers on dedicated compute in our data centres in Australia – you can manage them yourself or we can manage them for you. Then select from a range of storage, backup, restore, disaster recovery and security options to suit your business needs.

    We manage the physical server environment to defined service level agreements.

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    Virtual server dedicated compute

    Better performance through compute and storage hardware dedicated to your use. Servers play a critical role in your company's ability to deliver excellent products and solutions. You need your servers to be reliable and resilient to cater for today and for any future growth.

    You can have all the benefits of cloud computing, built to scale, with the added security and flexibility of a dedicated environment. So you can grow, consolidate and innovate.

    Our high performance servers provide highly available capabilities that can be accessed over the internet or over a private network. Our data centres accommodate operations and business continuity;while our Cloud Services management console gives you the ability to create and manage your services online.

    Together with our cloud partners, we’ll work with you to design a cloud strategy that matches your needs and business.

    Potential business impact

    • Reduce IT administration overhead
    • Reduce upfront IT costs
    • Improve business continuity
    • Improved IT performance


    Ideal for

    • 10 or more virtual servers
    • Mission-critical applications
    • Medium to long-term IT projects