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  • Fewer boundaries with Microsoft Azure

    Evolve your existing IT environment with enterprise grade public cloud optimised for Hybrid.

    Getting more from the Public Cloud

    Drive business evolution and go beyond the limits of traditional IT. Microsoft Azure is a leading enterprise grade Public Cloud platform designed from the ground up to work hand in hand with existing IT investments, providing more capability and more scale on-demand, in a cost-efficient pay for what you use model.

    Critical to gaining the complete value of the journey to Hybrid cloud, is the connectivity that brings it together.Your private IP connection can be extended to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and other Public Cloud and Private Cloud platforms, to provide reliable application performance.

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    Azure from Telstra

    Optimise your Azure services in line with your specific business objectives with the help of our expertise and localised partners, with multiple cloud and network capabilities. 


    Less boundaries

    Together with our expert partners, we can help you put Azure to work and manage it for peak performance by reducing limitations in the way you deliver the applications, fundamental to business operations.

    Hybrid connected

    It’s ideal for enabling a hybrid IT environment, with reliable user experiences Telstra’s Cloud Gateway allows you to connect directly to the Azure platform.

    Centralise and simplify

    Pay monthly for the Azure services you need, without a minimum commitment. Azure can also be combined with a Next IP® service to provide centralised control and value-based discounts for direct connectivity when both Azure and network are provided by Telstra.

    Taking the journey your way

    Improve cost efficiencies
    • Define cloud strategy and adoption plan
    • Offload non-mission critical applications, extra storage
    • Utilise PAYG for Dev and test (.Net, Windows, Linux)
    • SQL 2005 End of Life replacement
    Simplify and build revenue
    • Privately connect existing environment to the Azure platform
    • Cloud based backup and disaster recovery such as SAP or Oracle
    • Data Centre extension and augmentation
    • Federate identity for single sign-on including Office365 
    Hybrid enabled business evolution
    • Fully optimised hybrid solution across the Azure platform and your existing environment
    • Centralised visibility and management
    • On-demand scalability and flexibility on business needs basis
    • Utilisation of advanced Azure capabilities such as Machine Learning

    Design and Management

    • Consulting and assessment services to optimise your use of Azure services
    • Localised expert cloud partners across Australia
    • Option of managed services for existing and new implementations
    • Broader range of Cloud, and network capabilities supporting total Cloud strategies 

    Azure platform

    • Unified Cloud platform optimised for Hybrid
    • Familiar experience and toolset for Microsoft users
    • Broad range of common use Microsoft applications and advanced features
    • Enterprise grade service level agreements 

    Bundling options

    • Consumption based pricing model for complete range of Azure services
    • Value-based discounts for direct connectivity when both Azure and network are provided by Telstra
    • Centralised support for network and cloud combined

    Cloud gateway

    • Private and secure connectivity to multiple clouds including Azure and Office365
    • Works hand in hand with the Next IP® network
    • Range of bandwidth options for Azure starting from 50Mbps
    • Connects through the Azure ExpressRoute service and configuration
      Set-up Fees Monthly Fees Term Support Desk
    Microsoft Azure No setup fee

    Azure usage:

    Charged monthly to your Telstra bill based on consumed services configured in the Azure portal

    Download Azure Price List

    Download Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs) Price List

    Month by month Included in platform usage fees, a single contact point for getting a fault fixed from network to cloud
    Cloud Gateway for Azure (Optional) AU$1,000 once off

    Cloud Gateway:

    Starting from AU$270.05 per month* 
    *including 50Mbps Azure ExpressRoute connection

    Month by month or fixed term available

    Included in platform usage fees, a single contact point for getting a fault fixed from network to cloud



    * Terms and conditions

    •  Available to registered Australian businesses and organisations

    •  You must have an eligible Telstra Next IP® service.

    •  Both Cloud Gateway and Azure must be purchased on the same Telstra account.

    •  Cloud Gateway requires an active Azure ExpressRoute service

    •  Prices in AU$ and exclude GST, any applicable GST will be added to the price and appear on your Telstra bill.

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    Cloud choice and flexibility

    Cloud choice and flexibility

    Telstra is a multi-cloud provider, offering choice and flexibility with an expanding range of leading private and public cloud platforms, and a thriving Apps Marketplace to enable a complete cloud strategy for the individual needs of your business. 

    Network management

    Network management

    Our heritage and leadership in networks include the Telstra Next IP® network, Telstra Mobile Network and Content Delivery services. They provide global reach with exceptional speed and reliability, all backed by our experience running the largest networks in Australia. Our Next IP® network is certified to stringent international standards (ISO27001). 

    Expert Cloud partners

    Expert Cloud partners

    Our extensive national network of expert cloud partners can tailor solutions to address your IT workloads and platform preferences. We can even help design, build, transition and operate cloud solutions for peak performance and business results.


    Cloud assessment

    Align the benefits of Azure with your distinct business requirements. 

    Cloud gateway

    Your single, secure and high performance network connection into Azure and our other clouds from your Next IP® private network service. Simplifying hybrid and multi-cloud configurations.

    Cloud services

    Enable a complete cloud strategy with our broader range of Cloud Services including private, public, applications and more. 


    Connect your sites, applications and users with our leading IP networks.


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