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    Big Data Platform enables you to collect, combine and explore huge amounts of data in one place with advanced analysis and visualisation tools for faster time to insights

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    Know your customer better, for better business outcomes.

    Want to extract maximum value from your data? Here’s the simple way to achieve it.

    Harness your data for big business opportunities


    This cloud-based service brings together world leading analytic software, infrastructure, enterprise security and service management in one interoperable ready-to-deploy solution. It gives you advanced data gathering, storage and analytic features for fast and easy access to information that you wouldn’t normally be able to easily analyse. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and will help you meet the many challenges of fast-paced digital disruption. The Telstra Big Data Platform helps you bring together your people, processes and technology. It’s based around an affordable, transparent pricing model.

    Is your organisation struggling to keep pace with a rapidly evolving information landscape? Today, businesses gather large amounts of valuable data that is either unstructured, structured in unfamiliar ways – or simply discarded. You may also be encountering the need to store exponentially growing data from social media, web and mobile devices. To stay ahead, you need ways to capture data effectively, and keep it at your fingertips.


    If you’ve been using a traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), you’re probably missing out on a lot of valuable information. We can offer you new ways to manage and analyse your data. For example, to maximise your business opportunities, you may want to:

    • Visualise your customer activities from past sales
    • Identify which customers are in danger of leaving
    • Develop highly targeted marketing or advertising campaigns
    • Move large amounts of data from expensive EDW storage
    • Be able to affordably scale up large-scale storage in future

    Big Data Platform is designed to reduce complexity through:

    • Works with either structured or unstructured data
    • Advanced data gathering with enterprise grade security
    • Advanced Analytics software is included
    • Subscribe to the package that best fits your needs
    • Scale up as required, according to demand

    Our Big Data Platform supports your business in collecting heavy data loads, in virtually any kind of format. You can then harness the combined data to gain deep insights – thanks to advanced analysis and visualisation tools. Compared to traditional methods, you’ll achieve faster data processing times, with lower storage and archiving costs.

    This approach can provide you with a significant commercial advantage. You’ll acquire insights that can be used across your business. Applications include supply chain optimisation, customer churn analysis, fraud risk management and resource planning. The platform provides you with tools to:

    Efficiently manage your data

    Storage and processing
    Extraction and access
    Low cost archiving

    Easily explore your data

    All types from virtually any source
    Visualise data feeds
    Create interactive dashboards  

    Quickly leverage your data

    Create new revenue streams
    Maximise operational efficiencies
    Create apps
    Gain real-time insights



    How our Big Data Platform works

    This platform uses an innovative blend of open-source and proprietary development. So it’s completely future-ready – being built around leading global technologies from Amazon Web Services and Cloudera Hadoop. It also means the platform is constantly evolving, so your team will always have access to the latest Big Data tools and apps.

    Another feature is that it enables you to modernise your EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) capitalisation, by integrating it with the Big Data Platform to help reduce your operating and storage costs. This service provides you with a self-contained approach to big data tools – by packaging world-leading analytics software, infrastructure, enterprise security and service management. It’s fully managed, and supported, to suit business needs.


    We’ve had great success deploying this platform, and it helped us win the 2016 Australian Business Award for Business Technology.

    Harness the power of Big Data across your business:

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    One platform

    We’ve removed the complexity of curating your own Big Data platform with an integrated Big Data platform as a service. Working with market leaders in today’s analytics and Big Data space, we’ve curated a solution that combines world-class leading technologies into one interoperable, simple to deploy solution, taking the guesswork out of the myriad of options in the market into a proven construct that helps you start your Big Data journey.

    Real outcomes

    With our Quickstart and Healthcheck engagements, we work with you to deliver real outcomes for your business - from formulating your strategy, choosing the best project to getting started with a working proof-of-concept – to upskilling internal resources along the way.

    Learn from our lessons- We’re on this journey

    Telstra has embarked on its own Big Data journey across the business investing in its own Big Data strategy. Through this journey we have learnt what works and what doesn’t, so you can save time and resources by learning from our lessons.

    Cloud Gateway for AWS is required for the Big Data platform and is purchased and invoiced separately. For more information on Cloud Gateway




    Telstra Big Data Consulting

    (HealthCheck and QuickStart)

    Telstra BDPaaS
    Set up fee N/A N/A
    Monthly fees Time boxed 2-12 week engagements tailored to your needs Platform usage charged monthly to your Telstra bill based on data ingestion volumes
    Term N/A 12 months or 36 months
    Support Desk Included in platform usage fees, a single contact point for getting a fault fixed from network to BDPaaS

    Find out how Telstra Big Data Platform can help create a customer centric organisation.

    We can help improve customer experience with a 360 view of the customer, use insights and business intelligence to act on trends in the market, and streamline back of house operations like the supply chain - all with one platform.

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