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At Telstra, our purpose is to create a brilliant connected future for everyone, and our sustainability strategy is key to achieving this. Our strategy focuses on the issues that are most important for our business and the areas in which we have the expertise to make a meaningful impact.

  • Responsible business: We will be a sustainable, globally trusted company that people want to work for and with. Our people are renowned for their community spirit, and we actively support this by providing opportunities to get involved with their local communities and issues they are passionate about.
  • Digital futures: We will foster strong, inclusive communities that are empowered to thrive in a digital world. We want everyone in Australia – and beyond – to enjoy the benefits of being connected.
  • Environmental solutions: We will use technology to address environmental challenges and help our suppliers, customers and communities do the same. We believe that business has an important role to play in addressing climate change and we are committed to minimising our impacts across our value chain.

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