Helping our community

Domestic and family violence

We can help you stay safely connected and provide access to the support you need. If you’re in immediate danger call 000.

Living with a disability

Almost 1 in 5 Australians identify as living with disability. So, we’re committed to ensuring our products are accessible and inclusive of everyone. 

First Nations Australians

We’re helping our First Nations Australians and Torres Strait Islander customers be better connected. We’ve got a dedicated service team and other resources to support you.

Tech Savvy Seniors

Helping you learn new ways to stay connected with your loved ones and brush up on your online skills. It’s never too late.

Rural and regional

When you’re living or working in some of Australia’s most remote areas, staying connected can be a matter of life and death.

Community programs

Helping you stay connected regardless of age, income, ability or location.

Volunteering and giving

We encourage our people to volunteer and support the issues that matter to our community.

Awards, grants and sponsorships

We support the community and celebrate its achievements.

Helping our environment

Disaster assistance

When Australians face disaster, we’re here to help you stay connected. We have assistance packages for both short-term and long-term support.

Electromagnetic energy

As we continue our rollout of 5G technology around Australia, we're committed to sharing information on our real-world tests of 5G electromagnetic energy (EME) levels.


We're determined to reduce our environmental impact and to help our customers reduce theirs. We want everyone to thrive in a digital world and our environment strategy is key to achieving this.


Every year we publish a Sustainability Report with information on sustainability issues that matter to our business and our stakeholders. 

Sustainability newsletter

Our sustainability strategy focuses on the issues that are most important for our business and the areas in which we have the expertise to make a meaningful impact.

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