At Telstra, we want all of our customers to have up-to-date and relevant information about using mobile phones. This includes providing information on all matters of mobile phone safety.

Telstra relies on the advice of a number of international and national health authorities including the World Health Organisation (WHO) for overall assessments of health and safety impacts.

More about EME

Understanding EME

Overview of EME and radio communication systems

Mobile phones and health

Information on mobile phones and health including simple tips to reduce exposure.

5G and EME

Information about 5G, EME and health, including 5G and EME research.


Links to EME information sources and health authorities.

EME research and science monitoring

Information on EME research program and science monitoring.

Base stations and health

Information on mobile base stations and health, and EME levels in the community.

Wireless products – EME fact sheets

Information on EME safety relating to Telstra’s wireless communication products is provided in fact sheets.

Information sources and links

Links to EME information sources and health authorities.

Software and tools

Overview of Telstra's EME Software tools.


How to contact Telstra's EME team?

EME and Children

Information on the use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies by children.