Electromagnetic energy (EME)

Understanding the safe connection between 5G and EME

Electromagnetic energy (EME) from wireless communications is researched, regulated and safe.

EME safety explained

5 years of EME testing

We're committed to sharing our real-world test results of electromagnetic energy levels from our 5G mobile network.

Science & health research

5G, EME and your health

How research aims to address areas of public concern.

Small cells and EME

Information about small cells, what they are and what the EME testing shows.

Mobile phones and safety

Facts about the science of mobile safety.

Mobile phone base stations

Learn how our base station network complies with the EME safety standard.

EME and children

Information on the use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies by children.


Facts about the Wi-Fi in your home and in schools.  

Tools & fact sheets

Software and tools

Overview of Telstra's EME software tools.

Wireless products fact sheets

Information on EME safety relating to Telstra’s wireless products is provided.

External resources

Australian Government – Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

Department of Communications

Enabling Australians to connect to effective, safe communications services and providing information on the research, regulation and safety of EME from telecommunications.

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