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Telstra has developed a specialised electromagnetic energy (EME) software tool through its Research and Development (R&D) program and this prediction tool is now available commercially.

Public interest in the potential health issues relating to mobile phone base stations has highlighted the importance of having accessible and easy to understand information on EME emission levels. Performing the complex mathematical calculations to predict these levels requires significant expertise and is usually time consuming and relatively costly.

Telstra's software tool, RF-Map™ is a useful tool for network carriers, regulators, local councils, EME and planning consultants to independently assess the maximum impact mobile network base stations.

Further Information about RF-Map

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Inquiries about purchasing RF-Map

RadHaz Consulting is the Telstra agent for RF-Map.

For inquiries or assistance about RF-Map, including obtaining a licence to use RF-Map, please submit a request to the RF-Map support email.